Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition Editing Amazon Polly Voices with Adobe Audition 2019 (failed!!)

Editing Amazon Polly Voices with Adobe Audition 2019 (failed!!)

this video failed for a million reasons, but it is the effort that counts :p

How to add a Lexicon to Amazon Polly

#AmazonPolly #AdobeAudition #SpeechSythesis

12 thoughts on “Editing Amazon Polly Voices with Adobe Audition 2019 (failed!!)”

  1. baby WOGUE says:

    listen the biggest truth for creating videos! you cant tell how awful a video is, unless you publish it!! that explains why we see that super crap movies!! directors cant tell the craps they make, till they actually publish it! i totally understand them :p

  2. Hoshi Inoue says:

    I'm actually creeped out now that you are probably some creepy sweaty anime watching fat hairy old dude.

  3. Hoshi Inoue says:

    Until you started doing these videos, I had no idea this wasn't your real voice. I also hadn't heard of Amazon Polly.
    Now curious to hear your real voice.

  4. Yuu-kun says:

    SO, if say given enough time and sweat can this amazon thing replicate any voice? I find this shit fascinating!

  5. Maoschanz says:

    Amazon, and now Adobe? Is this a context of the most evil company?

  6. Kyle K says:

    Can you actually share how you got the cute voice in Amazon Polly? When you clicked "Listen to speech" it wasn't Justin/Male speaking, you're always editing the actual voice in your videos and never share how you got that voice in the first place. Your tutorials are misleading.

  7. Joe Tooly says:

    I would marry a girl with a voice like that, just for her voice.

  8. Excellent. This information is useful for my retirement masterplan: creating a vast army of super-cute AI virtual live-streamers who accept super-chat donations for achieving the highest possible levels of cuteness in the galaxy. Hearts will break. Minds will explode. Hearts will explode. Minds will break. Cuteness beyond all comprehension. πŸ₯°

  9. King Zero says:

    konichiwa 今ζ—₯は πŸ™ πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

  10. Linux Rules! says:

    Why didn't you use Linux you can use WINE

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