Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom EDITING YOUR PHOTOS in ADOBE LIGHTROOM


In today’s video I’m going to take a stab at editing some of your guys RAW photos in Adobe Lightroom. Should be fun!


►►Color Graded with BLUELUTS PACK 5:





  1. Cody Blue says:

    Let me know if you like these videos. I may do more in the future 😉

  2. Robert Bratu says:

    I love it man. I'm a beginner and your videos helped me a lot. I bought all your cine 4 luts and the presets and soon I will post my firs video . Thanks a lot. This photo editing videos are very helpful because when we start I think we want to do too much editing in our photos and sometimes we are wrong. I because we don't trust in ourself and you make it so easy. Thanks

  3. Good Day
    I would like your opinion, this past weekend I attended wedding and I thought I would take some pictures for practice. I have a Sony A6400 with Sony 18-105 g lens. I had the camera setting on shutter priority, 1/640, ISO auto (6400), WB-auto. Everything was dark and grainy. Do you have any suggestions what type of lens I should buy for inside for that purposes?

  4. I like your style editing photos its more natural with a bit kind of cinematic look to it…

  5. Mathews Hoyt says:

    you just earned a Subscribe click!! thank you!!

  6. Mathews Hoyt says:

    @18:40.. istnt that Forrest Gump Point?

  7. Thanks for your videos, quick question which lens changed your video production and your life 😉?

  8. JaHm3sZ says:

    Hello again. was the first part of your video color graded here?ND filters? do you color grade all your videos? sorry im still new. Congrats on your engagement!

  9. johnnybkc says:

    Heard you got engaged, is there a date, when, where? Asking for a friend.

  10. Yeah homie, good stuff! Come edit all my content hahaha

  11. Are you guys brother and sister?? Must be nice to travel together

  12. Dakota Rouck says:

    Watching the content aware fill just blew my mind lol

  13. Is that Chicago? If so… what station is it?

  14. Craig Cook says:

    Can't believe I missed the call for photos. Oh well, maybe you can do another because this was great. Enjoy your vacay man, you've earned it

  15. Brie Willy says:

    Dope video Cody.. Im stoked to make my editing video in the future 👊🔥

  16. Awesome dude! Thanks for the edit! Will definitely try the Photoshop content aware scale!

  17. Dude so stoked you picked my photo!!!! I submitted the last one you did (monumental valley). Love your process we have a surprisingly similar work flow. And congrats on 100k!!!!

  18. No offence but using presets defeats the point of this idea we wanna see you make all the changes

  19. aeroman says:

    Congrats on the 100k+ subscribers! Way to go!! Unfortunately I missed out on sending you a photo for editing. It would’ve been interesting seeing another photographer’s perspective.. something I always wondered about.

  20. johnnybkc says:

    Interesting process, maybe you'll pick mine next time Codyblue.

  21. Howard says:

    Amazing video! Very helpful 🙂

  22. Redding says:

    When you say "natural" I would agree it is more natural, but for camera. Because human eye is actually much more "HDR", you don't see blown out sky with your eyes, you see nice blue sky. Not saying there is right or wrong here, just a matter of style, but I think HDR photos are actually more natural and closer to how we see it in real life. Personally I like to lower highlights and gain shadows to retain details and then add contrast with tone curve or contrast slider to get more attractive look 😀

  23. Would love some more of these episodes! Hopefully I get mine edited on the next episode!

  24. Congrats on your 100k!! Big moves bro 💪👏👏💯🤙

  25. John Doe says:

    I didnt see the photo on the thumbnail in this video was that a clickbait?

  26. Reaz Shahid says:

    Great editing bro.. 🤘😎

  27. Argh says:

    What monitor is that? The colours look great!

  28. Hope you picked my pier dark vs light clouds reflections photo lol … Havent watched all your video yet.. Internal Drum roll……

  29. He didn't pick mine 😞

  30. Ashley Davis says:

    View 100. Whatssss upppp!!!!

  31. Great editing here Cody. It shows the basic, advanced, and subtle adjustments people of all skill levels can use to edit their photos. Nice!

  32. This is pretty sweet!

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