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Exporting Audio Stems in Adobe Audition

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When you’re working on audio projects with many tracks exporting your stems is important. Learn how to export stems and setup your multitrack, in Adobe Audition CC, for success!

3 thoughts on “Exporting Audio Stems in Adobe Audition”

  1. Hussan Afzal says:

    What is the best way for maki g stems of any audio?
    Please guide

  2. Cado Bell says:

    These are (audio) tracks. For the purpose of clarification: STEMS in professional audio production circles refers to STEreo MasterS,
    the purpose of which is to supply premixed music beds with fx to music editors or dubbing mixers when putting music to film.

  3. DummyUrD says:

    Your background (stems) in combiniation with the bitrate leads to this horrible videoquality

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