Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Fashion Design Tech Pack: Using Illustrator + Excel

Fashion Design Tech Pack: Using Illustrator + Excel

Chances are, you’re creating your fashion flats / tech sketches in Adobe Illustrator, but your final fashion design tech packs are done in Excel or PDM / PLM software.

It’s tedious to export every image from Illustrator as a JPG and then import / place it into your tech pack. This video tutorial will show you the quickest way to get artwork out of Illustrator with the highest resolution and smallest file size to use in other applications.

You will learn:

00:31 How to take a cropped…

5 thoughts on “Fashion Design Tech Pack: Using Illustrator + Excel”

  1. Sew Heidi says:

    😫Illustrator is HARD. I’ll show you how to make a FAST and SIMPLE.

    Stop screaming at your computer and finally get the software to just do what you want 😄.

    🎁Download my free guide:

    ►► You'll get 37 of my BEST free tutorials in one place!

  2. Jane Jimenez says:

    Hello Mrs.  Heidi,


    Hope all is well.  First of all I want to express how grateful  I am to have found you,  the Fashion knowledge  you provide is exceptional to no other.

    I have a long time  dream to work in fashion.  I took a few  fashion courses at  F.I.T.  but never completed a degree in fashion design.  I want to enter the fashion industry as CAD designer  or a Technical  Designer.  I plan to take all of your online tutorial  and I read your portfolio ebook  it was very entertaining and really open my eyes.


    My question is :  (if you please can guide me in the right direction )


    Should I get a  Bachelor degree in Fashion Production Development?


    I already have a A.A in business management.


    I don’t  have any experience in fashion design .



    Thank you for just being you. YOU ARE A ROCK STAR !!!!


    Warm regards,


    Jane Jimenez

  3. That shortcut with the control key is awesome! Great tip!

  4. Lenna says:

    Would you make a video to share your thoughts and experiences on a PLM or PDM software please?

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