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Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere: Best Video Editor?

Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere. Which is the BEST video editing software? Find the best video editor for you! ***** Premiere: ; FCPX:

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Adobe Premiere Pro:

30 thoughts on “Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere: Best Video Editor?”

  1. Between apple motion and after effects what are differences? What are the pro and cons for those softwares?

  2. mistirrwhy says:

    2016: final cut pro

    2050: final cut pro max xs plus 20

  3. Scouts Out says:

    Thank you, I'm officially sold on FCPX now…Cheers!!!

  4. Why does filmora channel viewers also see thes

  5. Very informative. Thanks!

  6. Albi Dolphin says:

    you helped me alot. thankyou!!

  7. A S says:

    Final Cut PX: Ferrari
    Adobe Premier: Mercedes
    choose speed or more variety

  8. Dyako Ari says:


  9. Hi Bro, I'm looking to buy a Mac laptop for FCP X, which one is better, my budget is 80k-90k, Let me know..

  10. Chris Miller says:

    Awesome vid bud! Thanks for the info!

  11. I don't really care which is better, I'd be fine with having either

  12. David Oman says:

    Is final cut Pro only on apple products?

  13. Bob Wagnon says:

    I'm not buying a Mac…..well maybe a Big Mac….

  14. Sovren Labs says:

    Thanks for this video. It really helped me with making a decision.

  15. Vira Av says:

    a great video, i've been asking my self of which to use. i go for fcpx.

  16. do they have it for windows or something similar to final cut.

  17. GMo SHow says:

    Ive been reading comments on the costs of all whats involved. If you are worried about price then move along.When your project or projects go big then you will realize it was with it.

  18. GMo SHow says:

    Very good presentation loved how you kept it informative and flowing. No BS or stories. Just info great job.

  19. I use Android for everything I don't own any apple products or have apple id or MacBook none of that what would be good for me to use to make YouTube video ….fangorago messes up my audio, lags too. Gonna but a new laptop too if any suggestions on that too . I am on budget but willing to spend to get something good please help thanx in advance

  20. Matt Little says:

    Thanks, this was just what I needed, though getting a little dated now. Wondering if you will update?

  21. FINAL CUT PRO DO NOT DO TRANSITIONS PROPERLY!!!! what a horrible scam!!!! it has a pretty basic bug that they have not solved in years!! IT IS A SCAM!!! just google, "final cut pro transitions not enough media" everybody supporting it DO NOT use it… that transition problem is pisses me off… it is a so god damn basic tool.. even camtasia does it better.

  22. Justin Scott says:

    Im guessing Final Cut Pro X wont work for pc?

  23. HowToOrbit says:

    wtf can render and upload a video at same time?? I haven't known fp have that feature. THat is huge huge deal for me!!!!!!!!!

  24. Rob Crystals says:

    I've used Premiere since FCP 7 died and just now have gone over to FCP X. Reason being, Premiere is a buggy mess, crashes constantly and will do something frustratingly buggy at least once a day causing you to spend time troubleshooting instead of editing. Because I came from FCP 7, I kept my shortcuts the same which has helped my transition back into FCP X 10.4.6, and after 3 days, i'm comfortable and flying though edits. Its a thoroughly modern editor, and fixes all my gripes I had with it when it launched. I'll still need and love After Effects, but I wont miss Premiere.

  25. TheRSpec says:

    I have been a long time premiere user. I just got my mac yesterday and I'm trying FCP. Many of my videos are simple and I think using FCP would be better. For my complex videos, I may want to use Premiere. The file management and color edit on premiere is huge for me on these type of projects. But at the same time, editing my simple videos would save much more time in FCP.

    Btw Premiere can be directly exported to YT. Its in the export settings, just noticed it recently.

  26. LinSooPretty says:

    Wow! I want Final Cut Pro X
    I’m using adobe premier n it’s hasn’t been good to me yet

  27. Walkout Matt says:

    So just to confirm, if you use a Mac, do all your projects on your own and don’t need to work with anyone else buy Final Cut but if you need the ability to share your project easily, work with both Mac & Windows then buy Adobe?

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