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Free Vocoder Effect Plugin Tutorial for Adobe Audition

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This free vocoder plugin sounds amazing in any audio editor. Learn how to use a free vocoder effect plugin in Adobe Audition. This tutorial will show you how a vocoder works on any voice over. Make a robot voice effect by generating a 60 Hz square wave tone and vocoding it with a voice. Vocoders are so much fun! Learn how to…

9 thoughts on “Free Vocoder Effect Plugin Tutorial for Adobe Audition”

  1. Mike Russell says:

    I'd love for you to join me at my Adobe Audition workshops! Here are the details:

  2. Love U Mike!!!! Thanks for this :)))

  3. Hi Mike nice to meet you it is nice your tutorial of vocoder but i download the plug in from TAL VOCODER for MAC. I have OSX 10.9.5 and Adobe Au.CS6 . The instalation was complete I instaled the plug in and when i inside adobe auditions i can`t Find the plug in the window plugins before instalation. Do you have and aidea what happened?

  4. for some odd reason the Vocoder is not showing in my Effects management in audition, I even scanned for new effects

  5. Ciomka says:

    Nice voice thx for Tutorial

  6. Tony Sackett says:

    Brilliant😀 Thanks Mike. Great Vocodor effect👍

  7. Yess i was actually waiting for you to do a vocoding video tutorial

  8. 1st comment 1st view..1st like

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