Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator GIMP Tutorial: Glitch Text Effect

GIMP Tutorial: Glitch Text Effect

This tutorial is for GIMP version 2.8 and is intended to teach beginners how to use the software. GIMP is a great free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

League Gothic font:

Static photo:

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If you…

43 thoughts on “GIMP Tutorial: Glitch Text Effect”

  1. Vigh says:

    oooohhhh im dumb nvm its fine now

  2. Vigh says:

    i need help with the gradient tool! when i do what you do it just makes the image dark and adds no kind of vignette

  3. Dip says:

    I just did this to make a logo for my gaming clan leader, here this is the end product thank you for the help 10/10 rating.

  4. The Wolf says:

    Love the tutorial vid! Cheers!

  5. Brett inabox says:

    Did the explode, sliced, and smash tutorials already without problem, but this one when I make the sliver of box to cut the line out of the text, I make the box and float, but then when I change to use the move tool I get an error that the selection is empty. If you or anyone could help I would appreciate it.

  6. Antiloompa says:

    For me it keeps moving the background that I have behind the image – how do I prevent that?

  7. Thanks for the Tutorial! I found it really helpful and I already used it for an upcoming thumbnail and video of mine! Thanks!

  8. Yo Nick, just thought I'd slide by and show appreciation for your videos. They're really awesome and so easy to follow even for a total beginner like myself. I have a bit of a system with them now, I follow along with you 2-3 times and then I do it on my own multiple times until I can do the effect all on my own. It works really great. Thanks loads for taking the time to do this for us. You're awesome.

  9. ah i love your tutorials… super easy to do <3 thank you nick

  10. Ozian says:

    is the blend tool called something else in the latest version of gimp or am I just blind? lol

  11. GM Tekken says:

    this was my first video that i watched of yours, helped me out so much

  12. Nicholas E. says:

    nice tutorial bro! 😀 thanks it helps me alot since im new to GIMP.
    11/10 gonna subs

  13. David Ridges says:

    great video I used this for a school project so thanks.

  14. Brappy Cosmo says:

    Thank You! Mine looks good. Its on my ig: Armin_s13

  15. AHPS 2018 says:

    How do you even come up with this stuff man lol. Like do you know what all the functions in ink scape do so you visualize it in your head or do you go through a process of elimination for hours to figure it out.

  16. John Rye says:

    Is this Swagger Souls? lol

  17. Thanks man. Really needed this!

  18. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  19. Is it possible to do this technique with a photo within the text? and make the text itself transparent with it's glitch effect and picture inside? That's what I'm trying to do.

  20. Love your work man, you make everything understandable and have great ideas. Actually used this method to create some of my twitch channel stuff. Keep up the good work

  21. bru. 6 says:

    When i select Float, the rectangle disapears… Help !

  22. Epic Ahmed says:

    shit- AAahhuum shade

  23. thanks a lot for this great tutorial.. you are a genius

  24. Tim Tran says:

    Great Tutorial, Nick!
    I have scripted/automated it:

  25. PoisonLotus says:

    Amazing tutorial thanks for all your hard work!

  26. Missiom says:

    Amazing tutorial ((:

  27. Forever xo says:

    You're the best! thanks alot!

  28. I can't add in Pictures 🙁 can someone help me?

  29. Sammy Fash says:

    Thanks bro. You're the best. Subscribed!!

  30. SayWhaat says:

    Just found this channel, by far the best! Thank you SO much!

  31. What about animated Glitch text 😕
    Nevermind i know how xd.

  32. Yusri Ghouse says:

    Pure gold. Thanks for using Gimp. Tired of all the photoshop tutorials. You are really helping me build my business. thanks man. Love your work.

  33. Can't believe Gimp is capable of doing such things you made possible haha, thanks a lot.

  34. DARKST4R says:

    Very detailed tutorial. Thank you for posting!

  35. You are absolutely awesome!

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