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Great Program: Aptana Studio

In this Video I’ll show you an anlternative to Adobe dreamweaver, which also supports serval other scripting languages such as Java and Ruby and even iPhone.



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6 thoughts on “Great Program: Aptana Studio”

  1. hipgirl25 says:

    i h8 dreamweaver sooooo much….. its so complicated. notepad ++ is where itz at

  2. kriptonis says:

    @writofmandamusdw shows you html markup, so does visual studio and eclipse. but the server part, the javascript or actionscript, or java you have to do it yourself.
    Even with html markup, you get much better results b writing the code yourself instead of doing it by wizzard windows. And for code simplicity and readability forget about DW.
    I think the best visual "IDE" you can get is photoshop slices and then "save to html". 😉

  3. kriptonis says:

    @writofmandamus there's no such thing. Even in visual studio with you have to know how to code.

  4. TeenAviator says:

    Brilliant video! How do you get the grey bar that says: 'html | js | css' in the editor view? I'd love if I could get an answer, because nobody ever answers my comments. 😛 lol

  5. humanyoda says:

    Dreamweaver and Expression Web have a feature that I consider crucial for developing more or less complex web pages — WYSIWYG panel. I don't use it to create pages. I use it to help me locate fragments of code I want to work on. Doing it in pure code view sucks. Because Aptana doesn't have this feature, it sucks.

  6. Verithus says:

    help, my aptana studio dont open firefox how fixed

    Saludos =)

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