Adobe Tutorials Adobe Dreamweaver Guide – How to change language on Adobe CC to english

Guide – How to change language on Adobe CC to english

English guide by Mark Barner from about how to change language on Adobe Photoshop CC to english due to the trial installs as default in your own language…

For Windows – follow the video: Folder is at: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CCLocalesxx_XX (this is your current language such as da_DK, pt_BR, fr_FR)Support Filestw10428.dat. Make sure you quit Photoshop before doing this.

See how to change language on adobe illustrator cc 2019:…

39 thoughts on “Guide – How to change language on Adobe CC to english”

  1. S M says:

    WOW magic thanks wow again

  2. grfktsrm says:

    For illustrator??

  3. I did some digging in the old 2018 cc installer i kep as a backup. I actually found all languages inside the PKG installer. They are inside a folder called HD. you see zip files, each pack contains all data needed for additional languages. Zo if you copy that zip, unzip it and add that folder to your locales folder inside the application folder > Locales > than you photoshop can run any language you want. No need to download it again. I just tested it and I've got 3 languages without any need to download or do that weird bak change.

  4. But how to add languages, i saw you can reinstall and it install that extra language. I don't wont to that hustle. There must be an easier way. All panels use LOCALE folders. So i guess the app does as well right?

  5. Andy L. says:

    clever…!! fall back into english language in case of a missing .dat file !!

  6. Tumla says:

    Greate video! was easy to follow and worked perfectly! =)

  7. oh my God thank you so much u saved me so much time I am speechless thanks!!

  8. Tsau Wei says:

    it work ! thank u

  9. Nice and quick tip (y) thanks

  10. thank you so much! it also works for window 10!! Tested!

  11. Birk says:


  12. King Sledge says:

    that was amazing, thanks for sharing !

  13. Amir Mallek says:

    man you're just the best. i spent hours searching for a solution. this was so simple. thank you man

  14. Fancylooks says:

    Thank you, works with CS6 too, good for using specific Actions that only work in English!!

  15. lidt et hack 🙂 men det virkede! Tak for hjælpen! Virker stadig i 2018…Når oversættelsen af photoshop er så dårlig, så synes jeg egentlig bare Adobe skulle lade være..

  16. thank u so match it works <3 but only on photoshop , i've tried to do the same think on illustrator but i couldn't find the file with extension ".dat"

  17. Omar Simoza says:

    You Sir are a genius… thanks a lot

  18. it's working fine for me

  19. myung ok CHA says:

    Thank you so much !!! You are the best!!!!

  20. Defutes says:

    ay, im danish 😀

  21. OMG! Thank you so much! Working perfectly with CC 2019 with all the programs! The file may be "Locales" or "Dictionaries", as long as you can find the file with the language you are using!

  22. Casadriss says:

    Works just fine, even for Windows users! Thank you! ♥

  23. You're a genious 🙂 Thank you!

  24. Robin Wulff says:

    easy, worked – thank you!

  25. Liya Carolyn says:

    very helpful! thank you

  26. helped a gr8 deal man… thanx much

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