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In this episode of #PHOMO, Evangelist Paul Trani shows us how to use the new Hover Auto-Masking feature in Photoshop. Watch this video for helpful tips and tricks to end those feelings of #PHOMO when it comes to design. Get Photoshop CC: Follow Photoshop:

7 thoughts on “Hover Auto-Masking in Photoshop

  1. plagues90 says:

    Which version of photoshop is this available? Also his viewport say Beta :/

  2. Real100Talk says:

    How do I change the terrible splashscreen?

  3. OMG!!! I for one, am thrilled.

  4. Kathryn Mat says:

    Odd though… my PS is up to date and there is no such feature with object seletion, just the marching ants.

  5. Desert Gecko says:

    Despite all my subs to various channels, I heard it here first. Kudos.

  6. wunderluster says:

    how do we get this update?

  7. MakiDZN says:

    That's such a great tool. Changes the way of masking out objects completely! Well done 🙂

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