Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom How I edit my Leica Q RAWs in Adobe Lightroom | editing made easy

How I edit my Leica Q RAWs in Adobe Lightroom | editing made easy

Hey guys, over the last couple of months many of you asked me to make a video about how I edit my photos. Finally, here is the video you’ve requested for so long. 😀 Most of my RAW files I mainly edit in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and my workflow is very simple and easy to follow. To make it even easier, I came up with some color profiles that are quickly applied and will give you a great look even without touching any of the sliders. You can combine these color profiles with presets you…

29 thoughts on “How I edit my Leica Q RAWs in Adobe Lightroom | editing made easy”

  1. The winner of the color profile pack is Andrew Parcej. Congratulations Andrew!!! 🙂

  2. Love it!!! How can people add your profiles? Is this an option?

  3. Looks like split toning

  4. Thank you for good photos and for all of work you're doing explaining how to do street photography.
    Is it possible somehow to get your color profiles?

  5. HB Leong says:

    I wonder if that's how you edit all your leica photos😄

  6. Only a color profile showing. Nothing else 👎

  7. Aeson Dadon says:

    Excellent video my friend, do you think these profiles would work decent with a Fujifilm system ?

  8. Ric S says:

    How do you import these presets into Lightroom?

  9. doc fmf says:

    Does this work with lightroom CC?

  10. Thank you so much for offering your color profiles for such a reasonable price. I am frankly blown away at how amazing your photos looked straight out of th Leica Q!! Great video.

  11. DrunkMessi says:

    Your works are amazing especially the POV street photowalks. Keep it up!

  12. ACID SNOW says:

    ah thanks for sharing this with us, really love the look of your pictures and now we can have a little behind the scenes look 😉

  13. Thanks Sir Robin, some great tips here.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. I love your approach to editing, Robin. Super quick and all by feel for what you like.

  16. very good videos. Could you show in a video how you write the lyrics How I Shoot #. Greetings from Argentina. I appreciate that you share the way you take the pictures.

  17. Ron Scibilia says:

    Do you dodge or burn specific areas?

  18. Jatin N says:

    Excellent video! The photographs are amazing too. The way you managed to capture the moment so perfectly with the first image of the man as he looked up is amazing!

  19. Mingyao Li says:

    Great street photography, like you so much

  20. Ben Chapman says:

    The portrait in the rain; the model reminds me of Christian Bale….which can't be a bad thing.

  21. ironsienna says:

    Thank you so much for that!

  22. I did request the video and was expecting this, but I would have loved to see your thought process while making a preset 🙂 But you have a sale on your hands;)

  23. Matthias F. says:

    Well, the headline is only 10% delivered, since most of the preparation lies in the development of color profiles. Nevertheless, I like your videos and pictures a lot.

  24. Cris Geelen says:

    Thanks man! I think I have to buy a Leica hahah. And sell my kidney… 😛

  25. It's awesome what the images of a Leica Q already looks like!
    So the few changes you make are the cherry on the cake! ;D

  26. babarfyi says:

    Interesting. I usually like what I see in b&w from Q. Are they almost ready sooc?

  27. affirmative says:

    Hell yea, nice to see some good stuff in the process.
    Weiter so 🔥🔥

  28. Guys, don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to get the profiles for free. But remember, it has to a comment that makes sense. 😀

  29. FIRST! – And what I've been waiting all week for 😀

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