Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator How to cartoon yourself on mobile // Adobe draw

How to cartoon yourself on mobile // Adobe draw

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How to cartoon yourself on mobile // Adobe draw

learn how to cartoon yourself, your pictures on your mobile phone, tablet and ipad using this app : Adobe draw .

Be sure to watch this video to the end to see the final outcome on the easy way to cartoon pictures


Beginners tutorial:
Hair tutorial:


46 thoughts on “How to cartoon yourself on mobile // Adobe draw”

  1. Ok so I clicked on your video to learn what to use and how to make a cartoon version of someone but you had no instructions. This shouldn’t be a How To because you don’t explain it. Your work is awesome but I’m brand new to it so I don’t know what you are doing or why you are doing it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Just Vibing says:

    Oh I thought it was like a built in setting

  3. whatever i try, i didn't get that thin brush and it is so frustrating!

  4. Deep Senpai says:

    This is all lies😂😂,it's not easy as it looks.

  5. Deep Senpai says:

    I am close enough to make mine

  6. Deep Senpai says:

    How to get that tool you used to outline?

  7. The way u made that contrast is fabulous#beetlevectorosity1

  8. thicc boiii says:

    Havent done art since GCSE ahhhhhh time to practice

  9. why when i draw using the same pen, it getting much bigger than the size of the pen that i selected?

  10. Can you plz do one for me
    I will be highly thankful to you

  11. one don says:

    Can you do one for me plz

  12. Tiger Heart says:

    Извините но это самая уе..ная музыка на фоне , я хуже не слышал!
    А за урок спасибки

  13. Bilal Ateeq says:

    Oxm draw brother your work soo amazing iii like it

  14. Pass1 ve says:

    Which software are u using?

  15. What is the name of the application

  16. Pirate- X says:

    Damn bro, you killed it 💙

  17. I downloaded it but didn't know how to use it.. now thanks to u bro

  18. I've searched a tons of videos in youtube and then I just have find you and boomb I get it!

  19. lex says:

    first thing that u need is TaLeNt

  20. Which brush is that?

  21. NS says:

    How do I draw without messing up my outlines

  22. jonas irfaan says:

    NAME APP?????????????????

  23. Video :how to trace
    Me : actually trying to draw 😑😐😶

  24. sy gaming says:

    How long did it take before I start drawing myself

  25. Capri Gamer says:

    Does anyone notice the thumbnail looks like the “if you don’t mind” guy

  26. Thanks bro mineblowing

  27. HTS GANG says:

    What instrumental is that?

  28. There is an ad using the pictures from this video to promote a "cartoonizer" Android app called Opixels

  29. not only that the drawing is amazing, but the original portrait too
    not everyone can take a portrait like that
    and the beat behind it is dope as well
    i watched this video at least 15 times now
    at the beginning because i actually wanted to learn, and then for how satisfying it is to just watch and listen

  30. How can I get you to make me one?😭

  31. Rajat Sharma says:

    Did u do this in pc?

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