Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How to Color Match ANY Video INSTANTLY! (Premiere Pro CC 2020 Tutorial)

How to Color Match ANY Video INSTANTLY! (Premiere Pro CC 2020 Tutorial)

Learn how to color match any video/tv show/movies instantly using the Color Match / Comparison View (Lumetri Color) feature in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020! This video editing tutorial will essentially teach you how to replicate any color grade in a click of a button. You can later turn these color grades into presets/LUTs for your own convenience!

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43 thoughts on “How to Color Match ANY Video INSTANTLY! (Premiere Pro CC 2020 Tutorial)”

  1. Steven Van says:

    Check out these two links for movies with good color palettes! I would use the movies listed for color grading inspiration!

  2. killclub says:

    thanks bro!🙌🏾

  3. gdocekal says:

    Dude, great tip. Also outstanding open animation. Thanks,

  4. Spencer B says:

    Does anyone know how to EXIT comparison mode or reference mode? I don't see a back button to go from two screens back to one.

  5. B Stephens says:

    So once I place my image for comparison on the timeline and select comparison view in lumetri color all I'm getting is a black screen. What am I missing?

  6. Thank you for your help

  7. Madd McFly says:

    Thank you that was great, how do I exit that mode and go back to just a regular mode

  8. GlitchVR says:

    Thank you! The comparison view is just what I was looking for! Instead of having to try and remember what it was before and after! ahaha

  9. can you save it as a lut?

  10. what a game changer, thanks a ton!

  11. Ivan Herrera says:

    Good stuff but that clip of the Joker is from 'The Dark Knight'. Great content nonetheless.

  12. Licht Fang says:

    thanks for making the video so fast past, So little time nowadays 🙂

  13. This is a great help!! Thank you so much, btw I really like your intro and outro! 😀 Would love to see a tutorial if you have one!

  14. That's Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight… 1:36:45 of the movie

  15. Steven Allen says:

    Really cool – thanks!

  16. Suzin Daly says:

    Thanks for a simple, and easy to follow tutorial…worked for me perfectly.

  17. Z-Squad says:

    totally unrelated – really great intro animation, tutorial was great too, ty

  18. kzyvo says:

    can u do this on premiere pro cc 2019 ?

  19. greatest tip ever! double thumbs up and thank you!!

  20. Nil Mahajan says:

    Make a video on, how to upload photoshop effects as lut in premier

  21. Khaosmythx says:

    ah yes euphoria,the taste!!♡ thanks for the tips

  22. This is Film says:

    thanks for the tips and your time making and sharing this!

  23. Paul Wence says:

    thanks again!!!! subs!!

  24. LeBron James says:

    why do you have over 100k subs but less than 1.5k views?

  25. Theo R.M. says:

    Thank you 🙏🏽 Very cool

  26. It would help if the shots are both at night.

  27. Jose Sanchez says:

    Very useful quick video!! 🧨 comes in small 📦’s😉

  28. So how did you make your website?

  29. Ahhh I'm still confused even after watching the video man
    How would ypu color match this video guys im still bad at it :/

  30. Do you know a video where i can crack premier pro free ? Thx a much

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