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Learn how to make a PDF file by easily converting a Microsoft Word document to an Adobe PDF file. In this tutorial, I show you how to convert a Word to PDF using Word that comes with Office 365. I also show you how to convert a Word document to a PDF using, which is completely free. 📃 Watch related playlists and videos – Convert a PDF to Word: 🚩 Connect with me on social: – LinkedIn: – Twitter:…

48 thoughts on “How to Convert Word to PDF

  1. Need to convert a PDF to Word? Watch this video:

  2. Thank you and very helpful 👍

  3. Cat Johnson says:

    It didn't work. Tried it and repeated it. Redo video, less talking, get to the meat of it. Somethings missing.

  4. Nitin Pasi says:

    Thank you sir 🙏

  5. kor campbell says:

    Thank you for this video. It help me a lot

  6. Raw Potato says:

    Thank you. Your video quickly helped.

  7. Just found this video…. after you became a You-Tube Superstar! You spoke it into Existence!!

  8. Hi, thank you so much! It's help a lot for those new beginner like me.

  9. Why do I see the Google Chrome icon after I save my word document to a pdf?

  10. Anuhas Print says:


  11. Thank you so much Brother.
    It's work for me.

  12. What if pdf option is not displayed in save as type

  13. thank you sir, it was really helpfull.

  14. That good for kindle users who want to cheat on exams

  15. Thank you for this great work

  16. Michael Post says:

    The pdf does not retain the page color. Only retained in the upper left quadrant, the rest is white.

  17. Thank you for your information

  18. Yung Mo says:

    Eyo once u done with the teaching, plz fuck off u wafflin too much


  20. Mark E. says:

    If you all haven't seen a documentary called… It's worse than you think…. By revelations of Jesus Christ ministries…. I suggest you do… All praise and glory to the most high Jesus Christ

  21. Hazel M says:

    Thanks Kevin, it really help. Have A Good Day

  22. RAID-Z says:

    thanks dude saved my butt

  23. No reason for it to be this hard bruh frick my teacher

  24. my teacher told me to turn the file into word and turn it again into pdf, this actually helps for doing my assignment

  25. thank you for information =)

  26. this is really helpful sir thank you, now i can revenge on my teacher.

  27. I tried converting my resume from word to PDF: however, the format/font spacing changed drastically (visually and when printed) How do I prevent this or correct this issue? Thank you.

  28. Thank you po God Bless po

  29. Harry Jones says:

    So glad to not be going around in circles anymore.

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