Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How to Create a Digital Voice (Copy of a Human Voice) with AI

How to Create a Digital Voice (Copy of a Human Voice) with AI

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Create your own digital voice using AI:

40 thoughts on “How to Create a Digital Voice (Copy of a Human Voice) with AI”

  1. the site does not work on my computer. How do I fix that?

  2. Raylight says:

    Sounds robotic as hell.

  3. Diego Mendi says:

    Is there a way to use this service to do an impression of someone else’s voice? Like the Donald Trump example?

  4. Lwazu Dludlu says:

    hello please help ive created an account with lyrebird but i cant get started with using the copy voice

  5. YOGENDER RAO says:

    This link is not working, I think this website doesn't exist.

  6. LMAO THIS GUY HAS NO IDEA THAT WEBSITE IS A SCAM. The website uses prebuilt vocal synthesizers and not your actual voice so kind of it's faking it

  7. You have a perfect voice

  8. The link is not working any more.

  9. Syahmi 20 says:

    Bro the page not found

  10. no longer available as shown, Decript has locked this away behind a paywall

  11. you fukn piece of shit

  12. SuspectTub says:

    Bruh u sound like text2memes, HMMM IS IT YOU?

  13. I have a audio file and that is created by text to speech software. I need to convert it into more human voice. Can you tell me if it is possible,how to do it

  14. Uhhh… It sounds nothing like you and really bad… Like competers from the 80s and early 90s.

  15. the site keeps being in maitenence
    is it shut down

  16. RikimaruKun says:

    I wonder if there something in other languages too

  17. Meko Harley says:

    Hello I need this answer so much please. Does this website recognise other languages? I mean I want to record my voice and change it to another voice, but normal one not like a chipmunk or slow motion.

  18. J hood86 says:

    Jeeezzzz is your head floating or do you actually have a neck supporting that thing 🤣

  19. Is this a free service? 🙂

  20. Chris Dk says:

    On the plus side , at least our dextop Wiruses will cease to exist. I predict our next technological epidemic will be (insert fake English name here) calling from the confirmation department asking a shit ton of useless questions and then abruptly hanging up once he has a profile of ur voice 😂

  21. Mark Davids says:

    Lol, it didnt sound at all like your voice!

  22. Uncanny valley man O.o

  23. The link doesn't work for me!

  24. prussian7 says:

    I have mild face blindness, and recognize people by voice I don't think it sounded anything like you.

  25. Mr.J says:

    Sounds more like a robot xD not your voice.. I can see the disappointed face of yours.

  26. I went to the site and it appears it's been bought out by Descript. Is this some sort of a scam?

  27. ¨lyre bird is not even close realistic!!

  28. A BGirl says:

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use this to create an audio message for someone who has passed away?

  29. Marie Ana says:

    I'm trying to use the website, but all my recordings say "processing". Is anyone facing this problem?

  30. It dosn't work anymore???

  31. im confused i really wanted to take a voice from a video and make it say something else

  32. Does somebody have the installer? because the site showdown -.-'

  33. dedo buho says:

    Can u use This program to clone a boice like peter Griffin or another fictional character ?

  34. ari ahmed says:

    کوردی لێیە بۆ مەسەلەی هەڵۆکەی عەشق مامۆستا هەڵۆ

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