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In this video I’ll be showing you how to create a movie poster design: Photoshop Tutorial 2021 If you like this tutorial, don’t forget to like&subscribe! Photoshop Poster Template: Fiverr ➝ Sources: Photo: Font: Shapes: Are you on Facebook? ➝…

9 thoughts on “How to Create a Movie Poster Design: Photoshop Tutorial 2021

  1. alwayshobi says:

    thank u sm for your tutorials

  2. Siema Wiesiu says:

    Nice! But please change the music, because it's awful

  3. ProdbyAidn says:

    Can you pleaseeeee do something like @prodbystace

  4. I'm disappointed. These videos are not daily 🙁

  5. Maji Beats says:

    Amazing job, really sick

  6. Linh Trần says:

    Love it 💕💕💕

  7. Huncho jack says:

    Can you do something that @prodbystace does on his Instagram? Would really love to know what he uses!

  8. Hey I love this toturial please make it more advanced movie poster tutorial. If possible you need to add those materials which you are using to design a poster. I really thankful to you. If you make more.

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