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How To Make A Gradient Effect In Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Tutorial #13 City Map Poster – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

How to create realistic fire inside Adobe Photoshop Check out my Photoshop and Illustrator kits! 🦄 Ghandi Sans Font: This video covers how to create realistic fire and flames inside Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. This rendering option was added in Photoshop CC 2014, so you’ll need either that version or newer in order to do the steps shown in this tutorial Sorry for the lower video quality on this tutorial – I ran into some…

20 thoughts on “How to Create Realistic Fire in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Tutorial

  1. thank you, always need flame in some videos!

  2. Doug Potter says:

    Thanks for an excellent no nonsense tutorial!

  3. Nick Childs says:

    Dude, thank you so much!

  4. just 21000 views? i expect this video to have like millions of views, it's pretty dope to be honest

  5. superb guidance! thx ya!

  6. Karparni says:

    Was very helpful

  7. Suzy Tsaab says:

    do you have any tutorials on water or adding splash to an image

  8. Caly says:

    when i try to do it. it just says "could not render because the content of the layer is not directly editable." and then when i renderize it like i read in the comments, it tells me i need a path to render it. ive been fiddling around with this for about an hour and have gotten no where.

  9. Jack S says:

    I dont have "Flame" in my render settings, so i go into render and its not there, at all, And im in 2014 cc

  10. Adefabrisio says:

    Very Nice video . i tried this with my photoshop cs6 and its not working….. Please is there any other way out and is this cc 2014 newer than cs 6? thanks alot

  11. satdin says:

    I have Flam button, but I can not click on it, why?

  12. the option "Flame" is desactivated you dont know why ?

  13. F Al says:

    when i go in render i haven't flame how can i do

  14. ZFM says:

    Very good video!!

  15. Whenever i try this, it always brings up a dialog box saying "Smart object is not directly editable" what can i do?

  16. Grom Damian says:

    2015 is shit i thing cose this dont work for me at alll

  17. WintrDzn says:

    I cant render the flame it's grayed out

  18. Man you are absolutely amaazing ,, i subscribed right now because you are really professional and i really fell in love with your video 👍👍👍 keep it going.

  19. Lynn Kelly says:

    thank you, always need flame in some videos!

  20. Suzy Tsaab says:

    didn't notice the vid quality but did like the tut very much…Thanks

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