Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom How to Edit Cinematic tone in Lightroom | TUTORIAL

How to Edit Cinematic tone in Lightroom | TUTORIAL

In this Video, I will show you how to edit Cinematic tone preset using adobe lightroom mobile

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28 thoughts on “How to Edit Cinematic tone in Lightroom | TUTORIAL”

  1. Drin Cadag says:

    Great edits. I’m done hugging

  2. Awesome tutorial! Thank you for the tip! 😍❀

  3. Bossing ang galing nman ng tutorial mo tinapos ko buong buo for pics lng po ba or sa video applicable ang same set up Kung gusto gawen ang ganun, anyway pinanuod ko muna nang buo nde lang limang minuto saka ko pinindot ang lahat ng dapat mapindot at saka ako nag iwan ng mensahe. Requirements mo to sa pag Sali ko

  4. Sana all ganyan kagaling hehehe😊

  5. Des Bustillo says:

    Thank you for the tips!

  6. Nelcel TV says:

    Nice editing sana matutunan ko rin yan. Done yakap sir, payakap pabalik

  7. Galing ng tutorial mu sir

  8. Martin'sLife says:

    Wow hanep this is really gives me more idea of preset on LR iv been using lr too tnx

  9. Watching awesome have a gift hug me tooπŸ™

  10. Thank you for your tutorial hope i can use it soon on my vlog ☺️

  11. Done…hugging..hug back…

  12. Very informative! Medyo kapa pa ako sa Lr eh πŸ˜‚

  13. Donita Fe says:

    so helpful lalo na sa mga instagram feed goals addict na tulad ko 😍 anyways dob hugging pa hug back thanks

  14. CJJ tv says:

    Hi sir. Nice tutorial. From mem req

  15. R Lhene says:

    ang galing nyo po sir, sana all😍

  16. GF NI IDOL says:

    Done na po please pa balik po thank u

  17. KIXX TV says:

    Sana ganyan din ako ka galing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… done hugging <3 pa hug back ^_^

  18. DRD TV PH says:

    Would help in color grading videos too. Thanks for sharing!

  19. NOSEY TV says:

    Nice one! Pag sub ako lods!

  20. Nice edit idol.anong apps po yan?

  21. Vloggito says:

    Nice editing workflow.

  22. Hehe para sa susunod. Na pag edit ko.

  23. Randz Horca says:

    ganun lang pala pag adjust sa sharpening …

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