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How To Edit Photos In Adobe Lightroom – How To Edit A Wedding

How to edit a wedding in Lightroom, this is a question I get asked a lot. So today I’m going through the Ben & Ciannes wedding (the sneak peek at least) and …

39 thoughts on “How To Edit Photos In Adobe Lightroom – How To Edit A Wedding”

  1. Hi Chris! Really nice video. This preset you use only apply on the Basic Panel or the Tone Curve also? Thanks 😀

  2. Probably one of the best wedding photographer out there……. you are an inspiration ! Thank you!

  3. cichobiegi says:

    Hey Chris, great video as usual! Lovely photos. What kind of lightning setup did you use for the dance floor shots? It looks soft, yet directional. A softbox perhaps? Cheers!

  4. Hello! Great vid but i just have one question… How many photos do you recommend giving to clients??

  5. Paul Pride says:

    No joke, I was actually a little gutted when the tutorial started! That opening 1 min was incredible. Instant sub after just 1 min.

  6. keomakk says:

    Maybe if you build 1:1 previews it might fix that gradient issue

  7. what I really learned from this video is how good you handle the 24 mm. First time on a wedding, where I thought: oooh that made sense! Good work and greetings from Germany! matthias

  8. br0neck says:

    Hi. What basic focal lenght lenses are u using?

  9. Really love how your channel is developing. Great job Chris and keep up the great content!

  10. Hi, I have just bought the CTM preset pack 02 presets and I can't get them to work in my lightroom. The files are xmp files and not irtemplate files and my lightroom is not recognising them. The download came with both _MACOSX files and CTM v2 files…I assume the CTM v2 files are for a PC which I am using? These are what I am trying to put into my Lightroom version CC. When I try I get an error box saying, Error importing "CTM3 – The Universal.xmp". The preset file was the wrong type of preset. What's going wrong and why can't I use them like my other irtemplate presets? Thanks.

  11. I believe the issue with the gradients on the preview image is if you leave the option to 'build smart previews' ticked on import of images?

  12. I'm new to photography, how do you shoot underexposed?

  13. hello sir there is any process with raw files before edit pictures in light room

  14. Just found your channel man love it subbed!

  15. Micky G says:

    Lovely Wedding photographs Chris and it looked like a fabulous wedding also. Thanks for sharing this you really have a great eye. The kissing shot is amazing.

  16. faceless god says:

    great content chris, I'm your new fans btw.
    Gonna check all your videos cause I'm wondering how you colorgrade your projects.
    shoutout from Japan✌

  17. Hi and nice video. How many shots did you choose for this wedding? I saw that you had like 5500 photos from that event. Cheers!

  18. Xav Neg says:

    Good video and good photos well done, i subscribe! What s your fav lens or main lens on a wedding?

  19. Erik Durnall says:

    Have you tried turning on “Embed and sidecar” for import options. That should help speed up the image preview rendering.

  20. Andre P says:

    Great content!! About the gradient issue is related to low quality previews/ smart previews feature introduced in recent versions of lightroom.
    It is supposed to get the culling process a bit faster on develop module. What happens is, when you are zoomed out, it displays an 2048px image and as soon as you zoom in LR builds a 1:1 preview, so the gradient goes away and you see the full resolution file.
    If it bothers you, just build 1:1 previews either on the import (faster) or later. Or even, just turn that feature off "Edit – Preferences – Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for image editing" Cheers

  21. Brandon says:

    Love the channel! Just saw your nikon d3500 vid. It was awesome. I'm new to photography. Well I always take pics with my phone on IG @brandon_jfh I have a Samsung S7 but I wanna step it up & get into an actual camera lol. Keep it up brother 🤙🏼

  22. Hi! I was hoping if you haven't already do a video showing your process after a wedding. Basically the steps you go through after coming home from shooting a wedding, editing and delivering the photos to clients. Thanks!

  23. CTJ H says:

    Do you create a new catalogue for each new shoot/wedding or just use larger catalogues? Great videos! Big fan 🙂

  24. How on earth do you shoot so many pictures at f/1.4 and keep so much in focus??? Thanks!!

  25. I really love your presets and colors! Hi Chris, what situations would you use your presets CTM5 – Muted Split and CTM6 – Mild? What are the main differences between them and the others? Thanks alot.

  26. Hey Chris!
    Love your content 🙂

    The gradient u mentioned goes away when you let Lightroom create 1:1 Previews of your pictures. The artifacts come from not processing complete when you render "Standart" Previews. 🙂
    1:1 Previews take up some more space on your HDD, but the pictures are displayed in their full beauty, wich is nice 🙂

    Have a wonderful Day!

  27. For those shallow depth of field images where you pick one person out, or the group shot with focus back and focus front, what is your technique to quickly acquire focus? Focus/Recompose, Flexible Spot, Manual Focus or something else?

  28. Great video, very helpful. Also beautiful pictures, you really have a good eye!

  29. Duhawma says:

    Looking forward to trying some of your presets. As always, thank you for such an informative video Chris!

  30. How underexposed do you shoot in day vs during the reception to ensure you have all the details? Are you still in aperture priority mode or manual now?

  31. Jack Berry says:

    LOVE the shot of them kissing with everyone else behind them in focus – genius man. These shots are gorgeous. Gotta pick up your presets for sure! I often kick myself for underexposing a little too much, which isn’t a problem to recover in post (shooting an A7III), just makes editing a bit of a daunting process. Love watching other people’s editing processes and picking little tips up here and there, thanks for sharing yours man!

  32. Derek Lueth says:

    Great video as usual. What would you say is your usual 'keeper' ratio for weddings, shots taken vs shots picked for editing/delivery?

  33. Tone says:

    Love your content Chris. I look up to you from the States. Do you find that underexposing makes your images a little noisy even with a low ISO? I tend to overexpose by about 1/3 of a stop but I would like to try your method.

  34. fengstang7 says:

    How do you only have 7.8k subs? Your videos are amazing and you bring so much value to your audience. Definitely will continue to support this channel by smashing the like button and buying your presets.

  35. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing how you edit your photos. The ‘gradient’ issue you are experiencing is a known issue. For some reason, it only affects users who use macOS. There are a few threads about it and lots of frustrated people but here’s one of the latest updates, where Adobe says that the issue is in a queue to be fixed but there’s no ETA yet:

  36. cant sit through the whole thing but enjoyed it either way : )

  37. Bruce Haggie says:

    Enjoying your videos Chris, looking forward to your thoughts on the other Samyang lenses though. Cheers

  38. She's beautiful, greetings from Poland !

  39. Thank you Chris! ⚡✊⚡

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