Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom How to edit photos in Lightroom using an external drive | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to edit photos in Lightroom using an external drive | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to edit photos in Lightroom using an external drive.

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19 thoughts on “How to edit photos in Lightroom using an external drive | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. Video man says:

    I have a 500gb SSD drive with my os and programs on. and a 2nd 2TB drive for storage. They are both on my computer.
    I want to load lightroom but I don't want all the photos and work I don't it to auto-save to the small 500gb SSD. but to the 2TB are an external drive. Is this possible?

  2. Can this be done via an iPad pro? With like a Gnarbox or WD SSD drive?

  3. Rodrigo says:

    can i do 1:1 previews using an external ssd?

  4. Exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you! (and thanks for explaining what smart preview data actually is. )

  5. Vietnam Vet says:

    I have two internal drives 1 SSD drive [500gb] and a WD Black 1TB drive . I have Photoshop loaded on the SSD and have the Photoshop scratch going to the WD drive. I wand to load Lighroom but I don't want it to fill up my SSD with the work and a lot of files. This is why I built the new computer with two drives to stop the problem I had on my old one. Is there a way i can have the work I do in Light Room be saved on the WD black drive so my SSD want get full?

  6. I think the title is wrong. They should've titled it, " how to waste 10 minutes of your time!" I think people are doing a Google search on this topic actually want to work on Lightroom directly from their external hard drive with out having to transfer files to the internal hard drive where it takes up too much space.. In these video, she could've just imported her files to the computer. It would've taken the same amount of time. Yet she prattles on about 'smart previous". And that extremely nasal voice is irritating.

  7. Video man says:

    My new computer will have ssd drive just for windows and programs like Lightroom and photoshop.This drive isn’t very large because it’s not for Storage.I will have a 2nd internal drive for storage.So if I bring photos in to Lightroom to edit will the be stored on the ssd drive.are can they be moved off this drive and brought back to work on?

  8. Ma Nu says:

    But the smart preview doesnt look as good as the original. Nice feature, but developing without seeing how sharp the photo looks like makes not sense for me. (I work with raw)

  9. Thanks! What about edit in>Photoshop…. can you do this with smart previews?

  10. Matthew Chen says:

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  11. Well done. Concise, detailed, and very helpful. Thank you.

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  13. Kevin Jacome says:

    how can you do this with two computers and one hard drive?

  14. zeroseven69 says:

    this makes sense, i think. But I have all my photos on an external HD but not sure why my computer internal HD doesn't show up in my Library??

  15. Kimm Reed says:

    OMG!! I've been looking for this for forever! Thank you!

  16. mike falasca says:

    does LR automatically put the smart previews on the c or the local drive ??

  17. Awesome stuff to know! Thank you!

  18. Roy Ottaway says:


    Can I load and use lightroom cc directly from a hardrive , just in case my laptop breaks or is stolen and I have to get laptop on loan .

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