Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom How To Edit Photos Like A PRO | Lightroom Tutorial

How To Edit Photos Like A PRO | Lightroom Tutorial

How To Edit Photos Like A Professional | An Adobe #Lightroom #Tutorial for photographers. #Photography
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40 thoughts on “How To Edit Photos Like A PRO | Lightroom Tutorial”

  1. Just got my camera and lens and can't wait to shoot photos. So wanted to learn editing thank you for the tips.

  2. Your effort really was apparent in that tutorial, but my one and only problem with it is that you didn't explain how to edit, what should be taken in mind or what's worth the emphasise, you just edited a photo according to your experience so the parameteres you chose will be different in any other photo. At least you had one thing correct – see a lot of tutorials and guides

  3. Hello guys! My first Lightroom tutorial is uploaded! Check it out!

  4. "Talks about it looking good with clarity"……(Later)"Forgets Clarity"

  5. Zaid Roman says:

    What program are you using fo this?

  6. jay gill says:

    Can you use the essential packs on the iphone?

  7. Ali Awan says:

    hey yo find me some cool filters for free i'm gonna make you channel way famous.

  8. Allmitee1 says:

    how to make a cool intro like yours?

  9. Samaq Tube says:

    Very nice man, I like it and appriceate it if you subscribe my Channel too.

  10. Brae says:

    Dude, I wish my listening comprehension were perfect to understand everything you say in the video. but good video, subscribed.

  11. Isa özdere says:

    This video is just preset advertisement

  12. $40.00 for Preset Packs?

  13. Nate Khamis says:

    Damn as if his pics are taken from an 60s Phone

  14. This guy reminds me of Stanley Tucci when he acted as the host Caesar Flickerman in the Hunger Games.
    Just has that look

  15. Clay Music says:

    How can we see "before/after"? Which key kombination is this? (If possible for windows)

  16. What! u dnt like green!? That's my favorite part of Hawaii other then the ocean lol but my fav is how beautiful the green mountains are and with the water falls on the sides from the rain but yea it looks almost fake how beautiful the green mountains are!😁💚 so that's crazy to me. I mean green is definitely not a favorite color of mine, but I love capturing how beautiful the actual greenery of the mountains and just nature there in general is.

  17. Olii 369 says:

    Photoshop Tutorials On How To Create Professional Looking Photos And Images. Turn Your Photos Into Magazine Covers By Learning The Secrets Of Color Grading And Photo Manipulation!

  18. Kyle says:

    Lol basically selling your presets. Which i can understand, but your title is misleading. Disliked

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  20. This green is horrible, unnatural. You are bad with greens.

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    Promise, you will love it😍😍😍

  22. Maik Müller says:

    5:54 desaturated the sun because its bothering to 7:05 something even more saturated, why not 😀

  23. so, who actually bought the preset pack? do you like them?

  24. I'm new to Lightroom – this helped SO much – thanks so much .

  25. kackfrosch says:

    very dumb question but my light room menu looks so different from yours, like i can't find any of the options and the interface looks nothing like yours, why is that?

  26. nancycruz320 says:

    This video was very helpful!

  27. HANDlER says:

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  29. 7ch says:

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