Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How To Export Podcast As .mp3 file in Adobe Audition

How To Export Podcast As .mp3 file in Adobe Audition

How To Export Podcast from Multitrack Session To .mp3 file .

File Export
Multitrack Mixdown
Entire Session
44.1, Mono, 32-Bit Float
128 kbps, CBR

22 thoughts on “How To Export Podcast As .mp3 file in Adobe Audition”

  1. Nikhil Manu says:

    Thank you very much bro your video is very help full

  2. TRACY WOOD says:

    We interviewed NY Times best selling author John Eldredge recently and cut it into three episodes. But I have a problem now, with episodes 2 and 3. I SWEAR on everything holy I am exporting them the same freaking way I always do, and they are NOT saving as MP3. They say they are, I change the setting to 64 KBPS, and choose the same folder for them, and everything. When I exit audition, then go to find the episode before I even bother trying to upload them to Libsyn, they are the huge SESX formats AND they go back to 192 KBPS.

    Do you "mind" fixing me here?!?

  3. Itsjul1an says:

    Watcing this in 2020! Still works! thanks so much!

  4. I do the whole process exactly like this, a multitrack export to mix down and mp3, but at the end, the mp3 created seems to play but with no sound at all! What could be wrong? 😔😔😔

  5. Jahid Hasan says:

    thanks sir ,,,,,, its to helpfull

  6. I'm working with an older version of Audition. I followed the steps and when I played it back the file was corrupted. Any idea why?

  7. Cheers for this man! You've made this super easy for me, thanks!

  8. Jacob Horton says:

    Mike. Thank you. You have literally saved me from a life of pain and suffering, thanks to your very descriptive and involved tutorial video. Continue what you are doing because you are way good at this!

  9. My entire session selection is greyed out how can I make it clickable

  10. Thank's for the tip 🙂

  11. This is EXACTLY the info I was looking for!

  12. MoosieFroos says:

    2:13 It sounds like he has auto tune on

  13. Choitato Co says:

    Many Thanks. Saved me alot for my Project 😀

  14. Mr. Mannen says:

    Thanks i found good use of this tutorial!

  15. Thanks for you help with that!

  16. Thanks for the vid! Helped me out!

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