Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator how to fix Adobe Photoshop CC Installation Error (For Mac) 2019

how to fix Adobe Photoshop CC Installation Error (For Mac) 2019

In this vid tutorial you will learn how to fix adobe photoshop cc error

error: the installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged Download the installer file again”

39 thoughts on “how to fix Adobe Photoshop CC Installation Error (For Mac) 2019”

  1. Psycho says:

    and windows??????????????????????????

  2. they are saying its trail for 7 days..:( can i have for life time?

  3. hcayupi says:

    thank you so much bro!!!!!

  4. Tongpeleng says:

    same issue for Lightroom

  5. it asks me to log in???

  6. Paul Ng says:

    New to MAC book, how to make the right selection pop out at 0.41 sec of this video and go to the "show package content"? What buttons I need to click from my keyboard? Pls advise me

  7. Anshika Lx says:

    I didnt find MAC OS folder under package contents.. what to do?

  8. Thanks for your help ❤️

  9. Hello, my friend! I just wanna say thank you for your help. I`m now using The Adobe 2020 Family.

  10. Aizaz Jamil says:

    Hey man! I am unable to download even the Premiere Pro 2018 on Macbook pro 2019. It gives the error right after it start installation (We are unable to install premiere pro by TNT this time; Error Code 182,)if you could help? Thanks. I have also tried PP 2019 to download but same issue 🙁

  11. Thanks mate! It works! Despite video looks like clickbait, its actually fix the problem. Very much appreciated!

  12. karitang says:

    The installer shows a sign in page in the box at 1:13 and needs to to sign in to my Creative Cloud account.
    I signed in my account, proceeded and completed the installation, ran the Zii file and opened Photoshop. Then it opens and shows a blank page where a blue circle keeps loading.
    What do I do?

  13. WARNING::. if you dnt want photoshop 2020 don't watch this video!
    omg ur so amazing! very good n nicely done!. this WORKS! guys.. you got a new ~SUBBY~ buddy! Thumbs up! keep up the gd work. I support you!!! `Theillest

  14. hive hive says:

    thx sso mucchh dude 😀

  15. Hello please i'm desperate to get Photoshop again on Mac with catalina 10.15.2. Can u make a video about it?

  16. xLeachx says:

    download the unarchiver form the app store to make it a zipfile

  17. 83nss says:

    rename the following OOBE folders to OOBE.old:

    –  Windows:

    Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobeOOBE

    –  Mac OS:

    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE

    Next download and reinstall the Creative Cloud desktop application.

  18. Aaron Nguyen says:

    I don't see photoshop cc 2019, does it work for photoshop cc 2020 too?

  19. Kevin Duval says:

    Should I use a disposable email for sign up? What do you reccomend?

  20. please provide the download link copy

  21. Hyewon JEONG says:

    wow ! thank yo sososososo much <3

  22. Tarun Arora says:

    I'm getting: Sorry installation failed. An unknown error has occurred. (error code: 1). Im on Catalina 10.15.1
    please help me out for this

  23. Hey can you send link for the download?

  24. JohnCarloA says:

    so its asking me to purchase the subscription through the Adobe website. i cannot access the homepage upon opening. what should i do instead?

  25. S4if Jub says:

    Perfect, Thank you.

  26. Great. Thanks alot. It worked.

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