Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator How to fix illustrator plugin loading error 2018 | Adobe Creative Cloud | I am Bala

How to fix illustrator plugin loading error 2018 | Adobe Creative Cloud | I am Bala

illustratorpluginloadingerror #illustratorerror #illustratorpluginloadingerror2018 So many issues in Adobe Illustrator 2018 Creative Cloud because of plugins …

46 thoughts on “How to fix illustrator plugin loading error 2018 | Adobe Creative Cloud | I am Bala”

  1. Miras BS says:

    Thank You, You Saved My Life 🙏

  2. Found this by accident when my PC went haywire all of a sudden – a couple of apps just stopped working properly, could not load DLLs or start at all. One of them was Illustrator which could not load plugins. This helped to solve them all. You deserve a Nobel prize, thanks!

  3. Make sure Redistributable Packages 2012, 2013, 2015 – 2019 are installed.

  4. Sorry This process doesn't work. I have installed Illustrator CC2019

  5. Pooja Shakya says:

    Why are you wasting time unnecessarily in the beginning showing the cloud desktop and then moving around the cursor here and there….do you enjoy wasting viewer's time ?

  6. Hey how to solve the localized resouces files could not be loaded

  7. bitume says:

    Thank you so much dude I was two seconds away from sobbing on my computer you helped a lot ! Thanks !!!!

  8. you are the king , I was hopeless before I see your videos . Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

  9. tayt says:

    This solution is 'nearly' completely nonsense. 'Nearly', because he's right: it has something to do with the Visual C++ Libraries found on the system. But to assure that all required libraries are found for the respective Adobe application there exists a very easy solution: Just install / reinstall the Adobe Creative Client software. During this install all required Visual C++ Libraries are automatically installed. There is no need to 'repair' certain libraries as in the video, or to download them manually from Microsoft. After installing the Creative Client, the Illustrator plugin loading error is gone.

    And where do you get the Adobe Creative Client software? Direct from Adobe (, or it is included in certain trial versions (just search for direct downloads). If you do not need the Creative Client, you can uninstall it here:

  10. when I right click Microsoft visual c++ ,it says "Uninstall/Change" but when I right click "Visual Studio2012 x64 Redistributable" it shows the uninstall change and repair option. what Should I do?

  11. 감사합니다 진짜 감사합니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 덕분에 2주간 붙잡고 있던 오류가 해결되었습니다 진짜 멋지신 분입니다 복받으실거에요
    적게 일하고 많이 버세요 당신은 최고입니다
    Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks to you, the error I've been holding for two weeks has been solved. He's really cool. You'll be blessed.

    Work less and make more. You are the best.

  12. Hamza Mirza says:

    When I click right it gives me"Uninstall" instead of "Modify". what should I do?

  13. Rapsodia. says:


  14. Benjamin K says:

    his solution starts around minute 3:30 – Here is the fast way:
    go to start or cortana search -> type 'remove' -> pick "change or remove program"
    -> for each microsoft visual c whatever redistributables you find:
    rightclick -> modify -> repair -> if asked, restart, otherwise next one
    repeat for any installation that can be "modified"
    Then go and install the […] c++ 2012 update 4 version:
    after that it worked for me (illustrator 22.1, 64bit),
    thanks dude

  15. Benjamin K says:

    Dude! A) get to the point, you could have done that in a minute, not 10. Watching videos like that is such a pain. B) its a video, say what you are doing for us to understand whats going on C) thanks…

  16. Can u explain what are u doing ? In your video 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ add text or explain.

  17. Muchas gracias …. me funciono a la perfeccion !

  18. Thank you😊, could you plz tell your system configuration (i.e RAM, processor etc) and your system model with price

  19. thanks for share, all mi C++ versions were lost, updated and running.

  20. Realmente consegui corrigir o erro do meu ADOBE iLLUSTRATOR, Obrigada!

  21. it fixed a couple of mine. Thank you

  22. You are the man! Thanks for the assist!

  23. thanks for share, all mi C++ versions were lost, updated and running.

  24. Gazton Glz says:

    Someone who knows about computing? After doing this tutorial, my computer stopped working, Windows 10 doesn't start anymore, did someone else do the same? my hard drive stopped working

  25. Hi, I have the same problem, 2019 ILUSTRATOR, does the same method work?

  26. Dev says:

    Thanks, it worked

  27. You just saved my life. This problem has caused me to make new windows installations on my pc several times. In fact, i have to make a new installation anytime this occurred. i was about to again then i found your video. thanks so much

  28. I was cleaning up my machine and uninstalled all the Visual C++, this caused Illustrator not to work and Creative Cloud not to be able to connect to the internet. Once I reinstalled x64 and x86 Visual C++ Redistributables for 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015 it started working again. Thanks for your video!

  29. Eshal Saleem says:

    Mirror me plugin not show in toolbor

  30. thank you men ¡¡¡CRACK!!!

  31. Shoaib Javed says:

    solved my problem. thanks for sharing!


  33. This guy is a genius. Your video helped me tremendously! Thank you!

  34. thorn urf says:

    thanks bro. Its a great solution

  35. Colariboo says:

    Thanks very much, works like a charm!

  36. thanx very much…its work

  37. And by the way, the solution was different for me, my problem is that I have installed Windows 10 LTSC, this windows does not have the microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed for defect, so I saw what you have installed year by year and went to windows page to dowload it and install it. in any case, many thanks…

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