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How to get Adobe Software for Linux

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36 thoughts on “How to get Adobe Software for Linux”

  1. Luke Shill says:

    Also be sure to try it in Wine. Furthermore why pay for a product that isn't going to port to Linux? Despite how good it is, if they refuse to port to Linux, join the movement and use open source alternatives. Instead of spending tons of money on Adobe, donate it to alternatives such as Kdenlive, Gimp, Inkscape, etc. Or if you are a programmer, donate time to developing open source software.

    Why would Adobe spend time porting to Linux if all their users just dual boot? Don't do the dirty work for them.

  2. I think the issue unfortunately is that big companies like Adobe and Apple only want to spend their time, money, and resources on something that will be worth it and pay out, and seeing the number of Linux users compared to Windows user is a tiny fraction of users, they don't see much profit in making a version for Linux. Sucks, but that's the way they do it.

  3. Jeremy says:

    that is exactly my issue. it is really ridiculous. any alternative pls?

  4. trizerticus says:

    Here is the problem with Linux. Which version does adobe port to, and once they choose "THE ONE" how will that affect the myriad of other versions? Debian, Ubuntu, red hat, Mandriva just to name a few. The problem is that Linux is way to fractured to support, and just imagine if Adobe actually chose one flavor of Linux, how much of an outcry from all the other distros. A Software company like Adobe could almost certainly singlehandedly ruin all of the other versions of linux once it chose one to port its flagship products Photoshop and Illustrator to.

  5. Harry Tsang says:

    You didn't pronounce my name correctly, nobody did

  6. O god i hate Adobe products, all of them, but i work daily with them on windows/mac at work and relax home on my centos 7 workstation working in 3D softwares 🙂

  7. Becky Lawson says:

    There is/was a rumor floating around… oh, I'd say 2-3 years ago that Adobe was working on making at least Photoshop compatible with Chromebooks/ChromeOS devices. Now, ChromeOS devices are also based on the Linux kernel… so if they are working on bringing it to ChromeOS, they can surely bring it to Linux distros.
    And considering they have 30 different apps in the Google Play Store (including Photoshop Express, Lightroom & Creative Cloud) and Android is based on Linux as well, There's absolutely NO excuse why the apps CAN'T be ported to Linux.

  8. klikmaker says:

    When you have Adobe products, they rather routinely have a one-question pop-up questionnaire when you start up an application, where you rate the product from low to high. I give a mediocre rating and explain in the text field that I would rate higher if Adobe products were available for Linux. I do this every single time.

  9. RealFlicke says:

    Black Magic Design offers free (gratis) variants of its video editing and vfx software plus linux support.
    But I think the video editing software is notorious for needing massive amounts of ram to perform well.

  10. MegaHaros says:

    I think adobe suite runs ok under wine, at least photoshop.

  11. Mark Killen says:

    really not sure about the title of this video. it implies you have a way of getting adobe to run on linux. you don't. you suggest 'get adobe to make it.' waste of time making this video. waste of my time watching it. boo

  12. they will never do it, it will reveal all their secrets

  13. Hanro50 says:

    Technically…I cannot see why adobe can't compile there software to Linux…I mean they compile it to Mac OSX…so they cannot be relying to heavily on Windows exclusive code

  14. Paddy says:

    Linux is great and superior to macOS or Windows but in most cases, it is great only for sys admins and the web developers. It is not the OS you would use in professional graphic design field or even professional photo editing. I would not go into video editing as Linux actually has few good tools for that use.

    But for graphic design, it is not there yet, but this is not the issue with the OS itself. It is the issue with the companies like Adobe and Serif Software that have chosen to ignore that platform.

    We should donate to projects like Gimp, Krita, Inkscape in order to speed up their development cycle but the issue lies in people. People if can they will get stuff for free and use it without contributing to it. The other issue is that people like to get something ready and packed with features from the start. This is an ongoing closed circle, unfortunately.

  15. uxwbill says:

    Here you had me thinking there was some great secret, some Skunkworks division hidden away deeply within Adobe Systems that had been quietly turning out Linux versions of their software while nobody ever noticed. 😛

  16. with their cloud distro style approach, this is only a question of time. but i guess they d rather have canonical move a little further their direction, with all the market dominance and such

  17. I might tell Adobe to port Audition over!

  18. azo365arch says:

    funny, this is what I said like months ago. people may think Adobe is missing out on the market if they continue to ignore Linux. but the truth is Adobe isn't missing out on anything, not linux and adobe go way back to the early 80s and adobe used to have linux support but stopped after realizing the huge number of linux users don't use multimedia products, at least not enough for em to profit. they just focus support on macOS and windows platforms. same with the gaming industry. the number of gamers or multimedia product users within the huge pool of linux will never be enough for the devs to turn heads. sounds pretty grim but it is what it is.

  19. Albert Wolf says:

    Seriously you shouldn't encourage spamming. I've seen in too many forums where the Linux Holy Warriors start ranting about how it is unethical to charge for software and demanding that everything should be free and be able to run on an 80286 processor with 500MB of RAM. The serious Linux users just get flooded out in the spam filters.

  20. FAKE NEWS? – Microsoft owns Adobe :-/

  21. you spelled want wrong in you comment on the screen.

  22. I use Shotcut, Audacity, Darktable and Gimp and the limit is always my poor knowledge and not the software.

  23. Sidney Chism says:

    Yes. Contact Adobe and tell them you want their software for Linux. Become a user of a Linux friendly alternative, so Adobe will see that they are losing customers. Ultimately, I see Adobe making their CC Suite a cloud based service like MS is doing with Office.

  24. And the same applies to Creative Labs too, who make Soundblaster sound cards amongst other things. Most of them (Soundblaster sound cards) that I've come across work in Linux, but I bought one a decent quality one a couple years back; a Sound Blaster ZxR and it doesn't work under Linux. I contacted Creative, and they replied saying how much they care about their customers blah blah blah, but they won't be making any Linux drivers for their products. Some "caring" that is, huh? 🙁

  25. There are plenty of Free Software alternatives for anyone willing to take the time to learn.

  26. Doktor L says:

    Honestly, i think there is free software that is better than the adobe stuff. For example gimp: People say all the time that photoshop is superior, but i have never encountered a situation in which i thought gimp is not working for me. I actually prefer gimps user interface, its less confusing and better structured.

  27. vdochev says:

    I've got GIMP, darktable, Krita and KdenLive. I don't want Adobe's RAM eating s*it on my computer! Seriously, f*ck Adobe!
    From now on I will advice people to get the free software alternatives.
    And also Lightworks is a very good editing program that runs on GNU/Linux.

  28. Qiu .fbi. says:

    Use kdenlive and gimp 🙂

  29. ayior says:

    Mentioning again, I got CS6 running through Wine. only bugs are no GPU support and no pen pressure. I'm working on the latter. I've got an idea how GPU could be fixed (its mostly a refresh problem) and I got information on where I can get some debug information for pen pressure. I'm no coder though, if someone is interested in helping with this I can share more details~

  30. Ah,ah,ah,ah,haaa… "crazzzyyy Joe"… (y) (y) (y)

  31. Mark Zajac says:

    It's a business decision. With linux having such a small market share, it would be a bad business decision. Adobe is a profit-maximizing entity.

  32. DJ Penguino says:

    If Adobe releases their CC suite on Linux, it would put a severe smack-down on Windows (which I'm sure Microsoft is aware of). And that being said, if and when that day comes, I will forgo the Windows platform permanently. Imagine the CC suite on Linux Mint (for example). I don't do games much anymore so game support doesn't matter much to me.
    I use (and love Adobe Lightroom, Audition (LOVE their multiband compressor!!), and dabble with a couple other of their apps.
    My line of thinking is, since they have their CC suite on Mac (which is a UNIX clone), they can just go ahead and port over to Linux. They may have to use proprietary link libraries. So be it. JUST DO IT, ADOBE!

  33. I run photoshop under wine and it works well but this past year I have been learning to use Gimp instead so I can do away with the need for adobe.

  34. Onno Vocks says:

    And I need Adobe for what exactly??

  35. …or, you can run older versions of the suite in WINE.

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