Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How to hack a PDF…and animate the images in Premiere Pro

How to hack a PDF…and animate the images in Premiere Pro

If you’ve ever been given a PDF and asked to use the images in a video, you might not know just how easy it is. Adobe Acrobat can easily export all the images in several different formats that can be imported and animated with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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6 thoughts on “How to hack a PDF…and animate the images in Premiere Pro”

  1. Thanks. Very helpful. You pointed me in the right direction to export from pdf to ppt to add audio. Just turned off the text recognition in PDF export and good to go.

  2. hey, so i'm working on my second resume. I do motion graphic design work mainly logo reveals.
    I was wondering if i can put my logo animation looping. Inside the profile picture icon? 1: i'm honestly too ugly for a profile picture. and 2: i think it would be a unique way to show my work right off the start. Mainly i send companies a PDF file, i barely ever hand out a hard copy. Would i have to bring the psd file of my resume into after effects?

  3. OGDC says:

    That’s incredible, you’re going to make me convert to Pr with tips like these.

  4. 1Am TV says:

    I really love ur tutorials please how to get see ur photoshop tutorials and illustrator…

  5. I confront difficulty with exporting pages from pdf music scores into Premiere Pro; once in Premiere Pro, they look blotchy. Any suggestions?

  6. Interresting tip! Thank's

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