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How To Install Adobe Creative Cloud Apps On Linux

For years, Linux users have wanted to use tools like Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and more. Unfortunately, the company behind this software has no interest porting this software over to Linux. Thanks to a talented developer in the Linux community, there is no need to convince Adobe to re-write their entire catalog of software for the Linux platform. Instead, with a script you can install Adobe Creative Cloud apps on Linux. More at…

24 thoughts on “How To Install Adobe Creative Cloud Apps On Linux”

  1. Backstabbio says:

    My question is whether this amount of trouble (and dodginess) is worth the effort. I love Linux, and I would prefer to use it and use software besides Adobe, because I'm sick of em, quite frankly. I hate Adobe and loathe the idea of having to use their software. But I still can't find a legitimate, sensible way out. They've got us in a stranglehold, the bastards. I used to pirate their software. At least I have that against them. Someone needs to kick them off their throne, and make a Linux version, just to spite them.

  2. Arjunram Pal says:

    How can I install Adobe XD on Linux..

  3. I don't know how quickly you would reply me, but do I need to install Wine, for the POL to work? Or just only with the POL I can run the Adobe cc?

  4. Incel Riot says:

    I've only been waiting for Adobe on Linux for 27 years why hasn't this happened yet.

  5. Brian Glenn says:

    Does this still work in 2020?

  6. which theme are you using?

  7. I am using two different hard drives …….one for Ubuntu and one for Windows 10 SMH LOL

  8. not work in ubuntu 19

  9. vaibzzz123 says:

    For me it works until just after I sign in. Then I get an error "Unable to reach Adobe servers. Please check your firewall settings…". Anyone else get this? I'm using Arch and XFCE.

  10. Karam's 11 says:

    thank you sir for the video ,

    if i want to crack or patch this photoshop under linux how can i do it ?

  11. Karl says:

    currently not working is stated in the ReadMe on GitHub.

  12. PkSRbX says:

    What distro are you using on the tutorial?

  13. Chriss Re says:

    Says he can use it just fine.. Makes a brush stroke.. Nothing Happens …Lol 🙂 .. Windows Lags like hell, Probably dsnt support have hardware acceleration 🙂
    This is not for Professionals.. Ok you will be able to make a banner for your facebook page but hardly working on Billboards, Magazines or movies like I do in my job.
    I have linux as a hobby system would love to see it on linux. But on this i wont have my work done.

  14. Adrian Cygan says:

    support developers, they do hard job for people!

  15. Has anyone been able to run after effects?

  16. BlackWorm says:

    It's a shame that this no longer works.

  17. Any updates on this progress?

  18. Mr. Taliban says:

    Adobe is talking to us now :D! go to the link and vote + leave a comment more people does this higher chance the would do it:

  19. I use Final Cut Pro and mislike the node editing that comes with DaVinci Resolve, but I miss Linux heaps and loads ands tons. Is there a chance that Adobe Premiere could eventually work on Linux?

  20. not being able to use Adobe in Linux is the only thing that has kept me using Windows. this would be amazing. what distro would you recommend for the best chance at success?

  21. Marc Loli says:

    Sadly it does not work for but I get an error but still a nice video

  22. Have you tried Premiere Pro CS6 (CC) using this method yet, and if so, does it work? Thanks

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