Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator HOW TO INSTALL ANY ADOBE CC 2015 APP IN LINUX (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks)

HOW TO INSTALL ANY ADOBE CC 2015 APP IN LINUX (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks)

I spent a whole day making this video and tried to make this as easy as possible. Please drop a sub and like to make my work worthwhile, thank you!
Expand for links and comment if you’re stuck at all and I will reply 🙂

All credit goes to the amazing dev that made this script work and all the devs at wine and playonlinux.
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Github page:…

42 thoughts on “HOW TO INSTALL ANY ADOBE CC 2015 APP IN LINUX (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks)”

  1. Ex Doofus says:

    i still didnt watch the video because i still didnt install Linux ,which Linux you think is the best for graphical software ?

  2. Ilyes Bahfir says:

    is it cracked or you gave to pay for it?

  3. Victor Mhgh says:

    It's fake you cut video when illustrator load because It doesn't work

  4. Hi, mine gave me an error in POL_wine. My OS is Linux Mint 19.

  5. CHUFF#311 says:

    Well, installed… What about performance?

  6. Sabir Nawaz says:

    But Sir is the adobe softwares are free or we have to pay for?

  7. reeddhy says:

    is adobe xd available ?

  8. Leo Giesen says:

    Does not work: On GitHub it says "This script currently does not work, see issue #52 for more details."

  9. Bowie Wang says:

    YOU SO MUCH still works for me

  10. Joshiwu Thir says:

    thumbs down for shty loud intro song

  11. BlackWorm says:

    This does not work anymore.
    The 2018 script has a bunch of errors.

  12. Mr. Taliban says:

    Adobe is talking to us and we need more people voting and commenting so that they can support linux goto spread the word! 😀 adobe is coming to Linux BABY!

  13. Does virtualization need to be enabled in BIOS? how about after effects and premiere pro? Any lag time? Buggy?

  14. Mohan Barman says:

    i want that animation when you move your terminal

  15. Z ED says:

    hi ! i have doing every thing you do put he doesn't work
    i have kali linux

  16. I've got a problem on unable to reach adobe servers 🙁

  17. towdotzero says:

    Hi There, is that stable to run illustrator ? im looking to switch fully from ms.

  18. Has anyone tried this on Linux 19 yet?

  19. BELLATOR says:

    What if I already have downloaded setup files???Can I use them instead of downloading again?

  20. Hi I always face this issue when installing Creative Cloud from the script :
    Error in POL_Shortcut
    Binary not found: Creative Cloud.exe
    Have you installed the program to the default location?

    Any idea?

  21. Tentei fazer a instalação no Ubuntu 18.4 não funcionou, estou tentando agora no LinuxMint Cinnamon 18.3

  22. Looks good but,when i tryed to install some app it dosent move from preparing i guess its the wine version. what is the version of wine do you used in the video?

  23. Is adobe XD in the package?

  24. Hy I'm from Togo(West Africa) and i'm using parrot os security. Just to know the solution on my os
    Thank for all.

  25. I would love to use it full-time on Linux! What about the performance? Can I use Photoshop efortlessly and efficiently thanks to this method?

  26. Daksh Badal says:

    hey can you do a video of it running

  27. Daksh Badal says:

    we dont have after effects

  28. Jeremy says:

    Do I have to pay for this? Every Month?

  29. Frankie Melo says:

    FOR LINUX MINT 18.3 USERS (SOLVED) – Use the earlier version of the script HERE ->

  30. Im unable to finish download creative cloud , it gave me an adobe error 201. Im using mint 18.3

  31. Yaman NSTech says:

    u know when you said the illustrator wont render correctly because you're in a virtual machine
    for me it's looking all weird like that (unusable) on my main system, i'm running ubuntu 17.10 (xorg)
    but photoshop works correctly however illustrator when launched will pop up a menu of (Close, Wait app) i click wait
    and then it open up all messed up
    can I fix it

  32. SammyDeni says:

    @GnomeDroid what is Linux's distro in the video? Awesome video!

  33. is it free or i need to pay for cc products before??

  34. Renato Pires says:

    worked like a charm bro… 🙂 thanks a lot for your time!

  35. by the way u are awesome 😀

  36. Now i cant install premier pro. There is no Premier here

  37. JlXip says:

    It works. I can't believe it. Thank you very much!!!

  38. PikaSalt says:

    Does this also work for premiere pro?

  39. TJ Wolf says:

    Thank You this is an awesome video. Keep it up

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