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How to Isolate Vocals in Audacity

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This tutorial will show you how to isolate vocals in a song or jingle using Audacity. Audacity is a free audio editor that will help you to get acapellas from any music using noise reduction.

40 thoughts on “How to Isolate Vocals in Audacity”

  1. Mike Russell says:

    Do it the other way around! Remove vocals from a song in Audacity:

  2. Jacob Pack says:

    Bruh listening to this jingle over and over again has me dead asf idk why💀

  3. Thank you for this! My computer can only run an old version of audacity so this is the way I'm going to have to do it, since I can't use that new isolation feature.

  4. throatgorge2 says:

    This is so intuitive that I hardly need a tutorial– the REAL question is HOW DO I GET THE PLUG-IN FOR THIS EFFECT? I can't even find it on the audacity download page. Might be easy to find the files for a Windows version, but I'm using linux.

  5. thepdub247 says:

    I need someone music and make the whispering louder for me

  6. Julio Celiss says:

    This guy probobly works for Audicity Just propaganda

  7. Ron DeForest says:

    I’m doing a skit with my nephew on video. I need to raise the pitch of my voice while lowering the pitch of his. There are parts where he and I are taking at the same time. Can I isolate our two voices and alter the pitches accordingly?

    The programs I have are Filmora 9 to edit my video and audacity for my audio if needed.

  8. Alex Tuduran says:

    So basically, nobody really solved the ever-hard problem of "center channel extraction". I'll go back to my equations, fingers crossed.

  9. Cheap way. You didn't even play the final to show how "isolated" that was in the end. There is even a better way to make acapella.

  10. moorek1967 says:

    I tried this and believe it or not, I completely wiped out Gladys Knight singing Midnight Train to Georgia, but the Pips I could hear fine…

  11. Good video. But one questiin please.
    How i will be able to remove a purticular instrument play from a video/audio. (For example a guitar sound from a music album)

  12. Dana Chann says:

    How do I remove copyrighted songs that are playing in the background of where we’re filming?

  13. Dreadjaws says:

    So many complaints. What do people expect, perfection? This is software, not magic. And this procedure does a far better job than the actual tool to isolate vocals from Audacity.

  14. Light BOX says:

    Sir? I have a question…

  15. How do you remove a russian voice dub translation so just left with original english audio of movie

  16. Fletchinder says:

    Hi, I'm Michael and I don't even know the Vocal Isolation option exists

  17. Cheesy Draws says:

    when i try to do this it makes the audio sound like it was recorded using a toaster

  18. Elizabeth says:

    guys, Audacity is a free program. did you seriously have the audacity to expect it to spit out high quality vocals with a few clicks? don't say this doesn't work, you're just getting what you paid for

  19. winko567 says:

    I can not find it under effects 🙁

  20. But how do you tell audicity wich kind of instrument or voice you want to remove, i tryed it by selecting a portion of a sound wich wanted to let it learn to remove it from an entire song, but no luck, so how do you do this???

  21. Yoda Master says:

    How to download the music ?

  22. nice video, an actual free solution that doesn't require the instrumental track. thank you!!!!

  23. Ilman Zidni says:

    Its better to just isolate the center

  24. songsz says:

    is there a app or free website online that i can remove the instrumental & only keep the vocals on droid?

  25. swagNswift says:

    I used this to get the vocals from want a sprite cranberry.

  26. Robin Shust – Максим Лидов – Моя родина (2007 год – День ВВС РФ) please can you find out this song lyrics in Russian
    And clear the background music

  27. Mike your videos are very helpful and straight to the point. Thank you for helping us out! I wish you can show us how to do the fade in/fade out vocal effect in Audacity. Please, I'm beginner.

  28. Symple Beatz says:

    you didn`t isolate it, you just lowered the volume of everything else, sounds the same as what happens when you use a hi-pass filter

  29. Jessica Sabb says:

    It kinda works, but it keeps some of the instruments and makes the voice sound too weird

  30. Useful for mashups…

  31. do you really consider it is done? bruh you have a whole youtube channel c'mon

  32. Gator says:

    i tried it and literally all i heard was literally ear rape worth squeaks

  33. karatebuff says:

    So now we know what Christian Horner does in his down time!!

  34. Daily Jam says:

    I wish I could give this more than one thumbs down

  35. Can you do this with background talking?

  36. Rob Brookes says:

    you utterly useless english dick….still music in background…you suck

  37. Hey! I was wondering if there was a way to extract the vocals if I somehow put together the original song with the instrumentals of it, somehow cancelling out the instrumentals since Audacity knows what the instrumentals sound like

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