Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How To Make A Cool Stereo Whisper Jingle in Adobe Audition

How To Make A Cool Stereo Whisper Jingle in Adobe Audition

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Make a whisper radio jingle in Adobe Audition. This video will help to make your voice sound better:

Get your own radio jingles from

40 thoughts on “How To Make A Cool Stereo Whisper Jingle in Adobe Audition”

  1. Keep up the good work Mr. Russell learning a lot from you…

  2. Amos Sakapu says:

    that has opened my eyes man, you really good.

  3. Jose Lara says:

    hey Mike, do you consultations, I have an Audio entertainment start up and i'm looking for advice on making the perfect preview!

  4. Any tips on how to record high quality whispering (i.e. with minimal pops/noise/ambient sound, etc.)?

  5. Šimon Kupec says:

    HELLO GUYS. who i can download all effects ?

  6. Anna Brykova says:

    wow, brilliant! and you really have an amazing voice for the radio 🙂
    but I have another question. is it possible to make a normal voice sounds like whisper one?

  7. more tutorial please 🙂 you're too good

  8. Matt Webb says:

    Good tutorial. But they're not jingles, they're Idents. Jingles are sung. Too many people use the general term of jingles to describe any part of an imaging package. It's technically wrong and is a bad habit of many!

  9. the jingle hurt my ears ;w;

  10. Hi Mike, may you share your knowledge on how to Timestretch if that's fine with you?
    Thank you so much for being good at what you do and passing it on!!

  11. Tom Ryan says:

    Hi Mike, love your work… But i'm wondering what headphones these are? haha cheers in advance

  12. Yes please would appreciate it very much

  13. Mike Russell says:

    You could do it in a similar fashion to this by speaking multiple takes and overlaying them in the multitrack of Audition. I could make a future video on this if you'd like?

  14. Hey Mike, I was watching this and was wondering how do you make a Crowd Chant effect

  15. Mike Russell says:

    I have various tutorials on my channel. You may wish to sweeten the vocals so check How To Make Your Voice Sound Better (Secrets Revealed).

  16. can u pls tell what are the method of effects to clean my rap song in cs5.5 pls ans back 🙁

  17. Mike Russell says:

    Great to hear that, thanks so much!

  18. Hey Mike
    Awesome man u've helped me a lot in my work thanx a lot.!!!!!!!

  19. Mike Russell says:

    You are most welcome Albert. Thanks for watching 🙂

  20. That was cool. Thanks for sharing your skills.

  21. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks for watching and I appreciate that comment 😉

  22. Mike Russell says:

    Sure! Check out mrc dot fm slash resources to see what I use.

  23. Plz Mike ,am Video editor instractor need your advice to buy microphone to start record video tutorials

  24. Mike Russell says:

    You are very welcome Henry. Thanks for the comment!

  25. Henry Vaiotu says:

    Fantabulous Stufff Mike – Always followin your Utube Tutorial Video's. & Many Thanks for The Countelss Effort & Time you put In for a Novice Beginner tying to get Into The Radio Imaging World :} …

  26. nurvx2 says:

    Yes I subscribe 🙂 Looking forward to it! 🙂

  27. Mike Russell says:

    You are very welcome!

  28. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks! Actually, we have something in the works for FX right now. Are you getting our email updates? If you are you should get an email soon.

  29. Mike Russell says:

    Thanks Terry and you're welcome!

  30. Mike Russell says:

    You are very welcome.

  31. Mike Russell says:

    Great idea! I already have a few videos like this on my channel. Have you seen them?

  32. Doc Sea says:

    Adobe Audition is eeeexpensive! I can't afford it… Yet.

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