Adobe Tutorials Adobe Dreamweaver How to make a website using adobe dreamweaver CS4 Part One

How to make a website using adobe dreamweaver CS4 Part One

This video is for how to make a website in adobe dreamweaver CS4. There are not a lot of videos on dreamweaver CS4 so I made one.

Part 2 :

to get adobe dreamweaver click the fallowing link

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31 thoughts on “How to make a website using adobe dreamweaver CS4 Part One”

  1. Thank you so much, I’m going to keep watching your videos to learn more your techniques in dreamweaver web design!

  2. Your tutorials are excellent, easy to follow, thorough. A natural talent as a teacher. I was going to use firefox , however found that I had images, logos, typography etc that I made in Illustrator and Photoshop for other purposes. I found that I couldn't transfer the image into firefox from illustrator however dragged it straight into Dreamweaver from Illustrator as I saved it for the Web.

  3. Better for me than VTC Thank you!

  4. badagila says:

    hi what kind of program do you use to record your screen? tnx

  5. nvladful says:

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  6. Mega lomino says:

    Hi man this is awesome but i have a problem when i make the banner it dosen't stretch to the whole screen on the top when i open the website another bigger screen laptop can you help me about that ?

  7. Thank you for making this video (and all four in the series). It is a very easy way to create a simple yet attractive website with Dreamweaver CS4. Thanks again, it was very helpful!

  8. Saravin V says:

    This is straight to the point and simple.

    There no need in theory when it comes to action

  9. Chris Behnke says:

    Thank you so much, I learned more in the 10 minutes of watching this video than I have in an hour going through the adobe tutorial.

  10. Ali Ikar says:

    how do you make the picture that you have the top one with your name

  11. Ali Ikar says:

    thank you very much you earn my respect sir

  12. sheni suntqva movtyan me :@

  13. Rod Miller says:

    Why does my banner become a hyperlink when I drag it in? thx

  14. Steven Anuar says:

    You man, is a genius:D

  15. James S says:

    Any size for a banner works fine, and I made my banner in Fireworks, but Photoshop works just fine. When making the banner just play around with different sizes, just make sure the width he a higher size than the height.

  16. TejasT64 says:

    When you create a banner image do you use a specific size, and do you create it from photoshop, and if so is there a common size that you use. I notice in your images folder you had a banner image, water mark,background etc. I am in the early stages of DW and about 30 years behind the 8 ball,

    Thanks for the straight forward video

  17. James S says:

    Thanks for the positive comment. Also the reason I was breathing so hard was because I was a bit sick, so I couldn't breath out my nose, and my mic was right next to my mouth causing that loud breathing :/. Again thanks for the comment!

  18. everything u taught was good but please do something about ur breathing ….. its gets really annoying as the video goes on ……….sorry mate but thanxs for the lesson ……it was the best

  19. 5:42 you misspelled Welcome

  20. cLights says:

    then why is my antivirus blocking that site?,

  21. James S says:

    How is my website a virus? Care to explain? Because for one, I don't have a main page anymore, its just a page that says its down for maintenance because I was working on a new version for it, but than I stopped because I didn't use it. I only have one page uploaded and its just a very basic Index.html… so wheres the virus?

  22. cLights says:

    ur website is virus LOL

  23. Thought it was well explained and straight-forward. Thank you.

  24. Humanlink1 says:

    @RandomCrap202 Good tutorial, but for those who are not familiar with the cs4 suite, may get lost on some steps so be a little more clear if you make anymore for beginners. 🙂 keep up the good work

  25. James S says:

    @ProducesComputers also, im hardly on this account which is why i dont reply much

  26. James S says:

    @ProducesComputers lol, i dont know how to use mixcraft 5, i could ask my friend about that though.

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