Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How to record Skype in Windows 7 with Adobe Audition

How to record Skype in Windows 7 with Adobe Audition

Tutorial on how to record Skype in windows 7 using Adobe Audition 3

16 thoughts on “How to record Skype in Windows 7 with Adobe Audition”

  1. How do I do that in Audition 2018? It doesn't have the control panel in Audio Hardware configuration

  2. I'm having the same problem with not being able to assign different inputs to different tracks. Anyone find the solution?

  3. Ken Jones says:

    Thank you! Very helpful and well done!

  4. Hi Sponge Bob, I followed your "How to record what u hear Windows 7 and Adobe Audition 3" video first and managed to record system audio from a web page as you described and demonstrated, then I tried it to record the Skype system audio but it didn't work. I realised that the reason was that I had my headset selected as the speakers in Skype. When I changed to the Realtek option, it recorded.

    Problem with this is, when I do a podcast interview, I don't want the gusts audio to be coming through my speakers, I want to be able to listen to them through my headset. Do you know how to enable the skype to be recorded and for me to still listen to my guest through my headset?

  5. sewhidbey says:

    I am having the same problem. After I set up the hardware preferences, I could not, unlike Sponge Bob, set the different tracks for mic and for mix. Only the mic or stereo populated the dropdown list — 2 choices rather than 4. How do you get all four to appear so you can choose?

  6. No way to assign different inputs.

  7. After I have chosen track ones input to be my mic I try to choose track 2's input to be stereo mix but that option does not appear in the list. However it does appear in the audio hardware default input setting but when I change the default input to stereo mix I can no longer choose my mic in the tracks input.

  8. 2wDenD-IKNo is the previous video he mentions because who wants to look for stuff 🙂

  9. WhiteSword says:

    thanks a lot this video help me out ( and you voice is not boring)

  10. sixamsedna says:

    you sound normal, where the hell did that 'boring' come from.

    either way, thanks SO much for this video tut. Just what I needed

  11. Thanks, i shall put this info to good use 😀

  12. @SpongeeyBob I sound like im hosting my own chat show in my head. Sounds more like im reading the stock at a supermarket.

  13. Sponge Bob says:

    @kieron2k4 whats you talking about, I sound great in my own head lol

  14. You have been cursed with the boring voice, the same as me 🙁 I just finished doing a tutorial the same as this, but in Krystal

  15. Sponge Bob says:

    @max8987 Made me laugh. Been called a lot of things but anal was a first 🙂

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