Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How to record what u hear Windows 7 and Adobe Audition 3

How to record what u hear Windows 7 and Adobe Audition 3

How to record what u hear Windows 7 and Adobe Audition 3. Recording what u here in Windows 7 can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know what to do. Here is a tutorial on how to set Windows 7 and Adobe Audition settings to record what u here.

45 thoughts on “How to record what u hear Windows 7 and Adobe Audition 3”

  1. Mark Lindow says:

    Thank You! This was a fantastic and easy, quick help! I was trying to record streaming on Audition 3 and with this video I got it fixed in minutes.

  2. How does this work in a multitrack session? I want to record my voice and then record my screen output sounds.

  3. Devonbiker says:

    Thank you, that helped me a lot.

  4. Ying Wang says:

    Very Helpful and convenient way! THX!

  5. thank you so much. this clip help me a lot.

  6. Tejas Sharma says:

    Can someone throw me a link to the Software?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. humorguy1 says:

    Thank you for posting this, this also worked with Windows 10 and Audition 2017 cc.  I was able to record with other apps, this helped me figure out why I was not getting PC sound in Audition.  I did find I had to set the level around 75 on the sound card I have.

  8. Rhey says:

    what if you cant find stereo mix in the recording section?

  9. Doug Johnson says:

    This is ALWAYS a PITA no matter how many times I do it. Here are some of my additional tips:

    1 If "Stereo Mix" does not show up, right-click on a blank space in that window where it should be and choose "Show Disconnected/Disabled devices".

    2. If "Stereo Mix" STILL does not show up, you have to update your audio driver. The Microsoft driver your system defaults to doesn't include this Stereo Mix. It's always been a Realtek audio driver that I've had to install, but check your motherboard or audio card brand. Stereo Mix will appear after driver install and system restart.

    3. If you do get "Stereo Mix", but it's greyed out, double-click "Stereo Mix" to get its properties. At the bottom of the Properties there's a "Device Usage" setting that you'll have to enable to make it not greyed out. Just one more ridiculous thing to trip you up.

    4. Keep any audio file playing in the background. When Stereo Mix is working, you'll see the audio level meter start animating right there in that little window. If you see that come on, you've won.

    I can't believe it's 2016 and we still have to jump through these hoops. I've been doing this crap since the 90s.

  10. Max Maxed says:

    Why don't you specify it only works for Realtek onboard audio card? It won't work with some other audio cards like Audigy Sound Blaster SE

  11. D Lynn says:

    stereo mixer doesn't exist in a lot of systems these days 🙁

  12. Kim Buhl says:

    So awesome! Thank you so much!!!!

  13. Big Thanks. That is what i need

  14. Ask says:

    Thank you! It's also working it win 10 + audition 2015 cc

  15. i followed each step and still doesnt work. this is weird because i have had this set up on my pc before and for some reason it stopped working. HELP!!??

  16. I'm using a newer version of Audition, so things were slightly different but this definitely helped a bunch. Thanks!

  17. The Slogan says:

    You. Are. The. Man!!!! Thanks bro!!

  18. Gambini says:

    This worked for me, thanks!

  19. Thank you so much! This is perfect for what I needed to do.

  20. I was running XP for years and even had the techs where I bought my old computer put XP into it and remove 7 because I couldn't find any way possible to do this kind of recording, but thanks to your video, I am finally able to record on my latest computer with 7. BRAVO! Thank You.

  21. MisterAlex says:

    Stereo Mix does not appear in my list of recording devices. Show Disconnected and Show Disabled are both on.

  22. Alexandr says:

    please tell, what to do if in section recording sound card is not displayed?

  23. Edward Owen says:

    Been trying to figure this out.  Video was perfect.  Thanks for the effort!

  24. alghadafatac says:

    Is it the same in adobe audition cs6? I can not find "DirectSound Output Ports"

  25. I did this and now I can't figure out how to get my computer to read the webcam. its like its not even plugged in. It doesnt find anything, please help

  26. jay zeager says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was a perfect step by step tutorial and my system works just as I need it now.

  27. sewhidbey says:

    Thank you. You did a great job of showing how to do this, step by step. Much appreciated. It works.

  28. Has anyone been able to do this in Audition CS6?  I don't know where the equivalent to the "DirectSound Output Ports" would be.  I do not see a way that I can assign two different inputs.  Is that a limitation of my hardware?

    Thank you.

  29. Alan Beumann says:

    Question, if I'm running XP Pro I don't see a Recording Devices tab in my Control Panel.  Does that mean I'm pretty much hosed?

  30. Kalelok says:

    Still works great on AA3. I won't be removing that version anytime soon.

  31. Tom Williams says:

    When i entered the Audio Settings for my Recirfing devices my Stereo mix says currently unavailable

  32. Jasmine G says:

    Thank you! After I manually had to adjust my driver this worked like a charm.

  33. nero1916 says:

    Great job. Worked very well. Very much appreciate your efforts!!!!!!!

  34. I would like to have it so I can have one track recording what I say and another track recording my Skype conversation. However when I select my mic as the default input I cannot choose to make another tracks input to be the stereo mix. The opposite occurs when I make stereo mix the default input. Could someone please help me

  35. GrizzlyGuy23 says:

    go to edit then at the very bottom there is a drop down for preferences then in there it says audio hardware

  36. I try to record stereomix with Audition but it keeps ceasing to record after a short time, as if I hit stop, when I in fact did not…. Cool Edit still lets me record (when I'm lucky).

  37. Bill Bierman says:

    Well SpongeeyBob, I hope you found your answer but to anyone else who stumbles across this… for a Mac you need a piece of software called Soundflower. Soundflower will give you the same settings as this video talks about.

  38. x1Ler says:

    The Audio Hardware Setup option does not exist in Adobe Audition 6.0 🙁

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