Adobe Tutorials Adobe Audition How to Remove Instrumentals or Vocals in Audition | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Remove Instrumentals or Vocals in Audition | Adobe Creative Cloud

Easily create an a cappella track by removing instrumental music, or create a karaoke track by removing vocals, using the Center Channel Extractor effect in …

34 thoughts on “How to Remove Instrumentals or Vocals in Audition | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. Roee says:

    The default "voice remover" just makes my entire sound blurry and almost muted :/
    and however I tweak the settings, it does all sort of effects but to the whole soundtrack and nothing separates the vocals .

  2. mani jha says:

    thanks bro this video is informative.

  3. Hi hope you can help I recorded a video but I left the radio on how do I remove the radio music and keep my conversation please help me thanks

  4. LowHPComics says:

    Okay so the vocals are gone, now my track sounds awful and low quality, how do I fix that? Tutorial confuses me

  5. Shuaizu says:

    So in other words.. it's hard as fuck.

  6. Thank you! You saved me!

  7. Reel500 says:

    Looks like you need a mixer that separate individual sound…then remove the sound that you don't want. No cheap short cut by program.

  8. this tells us only how to remove the vocals, the other half of the video where you remove the instrumental is missing

  9. Kolap says:


  10. why mine has no difference at all??? like absolutely NOTHING different with default, left or right or center

  11. Dyn says:

    i appreciate the tutorial a lot, still i cant remove guitar sounds from a clip

  12. If you have the instrumental of the track and the vocal version and have both in lossless (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, etc) you can put them on top of each other and inverse one of them and you will be left with only vocals.

  13. PapaNick says:

    GUYS I FOUND THE BEST WAY.. use the vocal remover and set the end hz to 22050 and staRT to 20 hz

  14. Skape says:

    No my friend, looks like this "Vocal Remove" works only on your music.

  15. me, a dumbass :
    * use it on a mono track *

  16. Hi. thanks for the video. Worked perfectly for me.

  17. Get Rekt says:

    None of my songs work. The low pitched part of the songs are neutralized but the high pitched part of the song still plays. bs.

  18. Eric Balcon says:

    No, the result is not usable for a decent work.

  19. This is not helpful
    The song retains voice.

  20. Yes Mr. Lgor Vrdzovski It's really LOL ha ha ha

  21. how did you get the play and replay button within the center channel extractor window?

  22. What is the version of Aa??

  23. Forget the tutorial, what's that song called 😍😂

  24. M S says:

    Anyone know how to isolate drums, so I have only the drums and nothing else?

  25. R2R says:

    good luck with hiphop extracting vocals. Yall fucked.

  26. Sheep says:

    This sounds like Jason Levine.

  27. Is it also possible for a movie? I want to keep the background music and sound fx of the movie but I want to remove the dialogues.

  28. Mixed YT says:

    doesn't work. not even a bit on rap songs

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