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How To Make A Gradient Effect In Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Tutorial #13 City Map Poster – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I show you how to resize an individual layer in Photoshop CC. There are times when you need to adjust the size of just one layer (Image, Text, Shap, Etc). and this method works for all of them. Everything I do online is hosted by Bluehost. For only $2.95 a month, Bluehost can help you set up and host your blog/website. Because Porter Media is a Bluehost affiliate partner, our community can use this link to receive a 50% discount off the monthly price AND A FREE…

36 thoughts on “How To Resize A Layer In Photoshop CC – Photoshop Tutorial

  1. Santanna Rio says:

    Very well done thx. I will subscribe

  2. kelly says:

    Does this work in video?

  3. Thank you so much>>>more love.

  4. Kimlex Del says:

    This is not a so called resizing of layer. This video demonstrate on how to resize the image NOT A LAYER. Please change your video title to avoid confusion.

  5. RoG TiTan says:

    Life saver. I was going mad.

  6. Casual Tyrus says:

    Too much talk this could've been done under a minute.

  7. neil weeks says:

    So helpful! Thank you

  8. Oh man you just earned a sub

  9. DRISHYA S S says:

    Oops ..that help..thanks man

  10. ZONE35 says:

    Can you group together all layers and resize them all together?

  11. Jaiveer Vats says:

    Thank you bery much u saved my time ..

  12. Thanks mate I needed it for school

  13. Save my day, Thanks Bro

  14. Spacekrak3n says:

    Very helpful 👍 didn't make a super long video for reason like other YouTubers. Got what I needed within 40 seconds😁

  15. Jamie Potts says:

    Thank you for your help! 🙂

  16. Retro says:

    Thank you so much bro, this is going to help me alot with my stuff 😊 I hope your having a great day and thank you once again

  17. how do you manually input the dimensional size that you want the layer to be…??? it can't just be drag to dimension only….

  18. Brydao says:

    bro i want to fucking kill myself with a 9mm bullet in the center of my head please just end my suffering i dont want to live anymore dude this is not a joke

  19. KikoŠefee says:


  20. javed noman says:

    When i reduce scale the pixels gets distorted………..

  21. Holding shift doesn't maintain the aspect ratio for me, it allows full transform and misproportioning the image. I also don't get the X across the image when I do control+T. Photoshop 2020.

  22. Whitestorm says:


  23. Nick Nichols says:

    You've got it backward for PS CC 2019: Edit > Transform > Scale is proportional by default. Holding shift allows disproportionate scaling. BUT… how can I set exact dimensions for a scale? No one seems to know but it seems to me that this is an essential feature! Adobe: pay attention!!!!

  24. Alan Robbins says:

    Create a layer – or resize a layer to a specific size. I am not the only one who can't find this anywhere and yet it's a critical thing to do.

  25. lplazaj says:

    Great video! Please update your video tutorial to explain that in the latest update to Photoshop CC 2019 it is no longer necessary to hold down the Shift key in order to retain the original proportions. In the updated version (2019) holding the Shift key results in releasing the proportion control.

  26. Radon says:

    very helpful and nice and short

  27. Very super mega helpful…thanks a lot)

  28. oh says:

    Super helpful

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