Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom How To SAVE MONEY On Adobe Software/Creative Cloud | (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom etc.)

How To SAVE MONEY On Adobe Software/Creative Cloud | (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom etc.)


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47 thoughts on “How To SAVE MONEY On Adobe Software/Creative Cloud | (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom etc.)”

  1. Aeronx says:

    Lmao just pirate it.

  2. bro r u paying lower than US$29.99/mo ?

  3. The Jude Way says:

    You REALLY deserve better than 3 k subs

  4. HAAA YOUR A BLESSING! I just got 90 day free trail!

  5. i am ok ,i pay just 9.99 pounds for lightroom classic,lightroom cc, photoshop cc 2020 and adobe bridge 4 apps 10 pounds

  6. Techgum says:

    Also, many people are canceling based on principle.

  7. A tried to cancel my photography plan $9.99 and they gave me two months free. This was just last week.

  8. Hi iam looking for the softwares like photoshop,lightroom,indesign,illustrator only but there is no pricing plan for this alone ,they have pricing plan for bundle of softwares and most of them I wont use what should I do ? What do you think about affinity software which work same as Adobe photoshop plus illustrator? Let me know about this .

  9. great idea
    thanks for it

  10. richard ly says:

    how come they dont have one-time purchase ?

  11. Ian Gomez says:

    Love the metalcore music in thr background

  12. with the subscription is cheaper anyway. assuming i wanted to always get the latest version of premiere version 6 for 600 dollars you only get updates for that version. When version 7 comes out you have to pay another 600. version 8 another 600. thats 3 years 1800 bucks. instead of 3 years is wabout 800 for the whole 3 years. Yes the updates are important… I would NOT be able to see myself using premiere cs6 in 2020 no way. Theres alway Resolve and Avid i guess

  13. lan na kha bharn ja chd

  14. From one Canadian to another, I agree with the cost of Adobe, it really kills our bank account(s).

  15. Niko Mairi says:

    Thank you for this. It was very helpful, subscribed 🤙🏾

  16. Tech Hints says:

    I availed their 2 months free offer and I was a new customer.

  17. Thank You so much Man! This helped me a lot

  18. They are going to lose the competition is on the rise and it's gonna force them out.

  19. LamerLazy says:

    Thanks this helped

  20. Student pricing is the best

  21. M01st says:

    Am I the only one triggered that his shirt was tucked in his neck

  22. HukkleBrry says:

    You have helped me sooo much!!!! Thank you!

  23. please turn down the music :((

  24. They raised the student price to the regular price for me after 2 years!

  25. SkivvyTV says:

    Nothing better than a nice canadian youtuber bettering your life while theres hard rock music in the background <3

  26. GieGie Diep says:

    would you recommend buying Adobe 2020 CC on ebay? They send the code for the newest version for $5.

  27. Leo says:

    Thanks man, your video brought me to this comment section where I'm learning a lot about alternatives!
    I'm just sad because I do love adobe products, but I also want being a professional in this to be something viable!

  28. the answer is torrent it. There. Problem solved.

  29. Denis Čumak says:

    one 100% fully working way to save money is to stop using Adobe products

  30. diaanux says:

    this was really helpful for me

  31. Not fitted background music

  32. Torinux says:

    This is what Serif is going to do with their products when they reach Version 2 they said it long time ago. Some people that left the Adobe ship because of the monthly practice and went to Serif products will be hit by business reality. Subscriptions are not that bad to be honest for people that live off of using these apps, but I think Adobe should charge way less because that would bring a lot of costumers back but we all know Adobe target audience aren't people that don't make a living with their products.

  33. Shouldn't we be supporting the tools that make our jobs easier??

  34. The student discount also applies to educators.

  35. Daniel Starr says:

    good content, just bad background music choice. sorry but the rock/electric guitar was annoying and hard to listen to what you were saying.

  36. James Leahy says:

    Nice and clear. The free months and reduced cost for a while worked for me. In the end though, I think we will be switching to Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer(Illustrator) HitFilm for Premier, and Davinci Resolve for After Effects.

  37. Lil Jesse says:

    Go connor good stuff man {Subscribed}

  38. Thank you! I was able to save $20/mo by calling the sales number and asking for a discount as a new user. Thank you!

  39. Thank you man ! Question to you what d be the alternative for Adobe character animator ? Regards

  40. freddy saint says:

    LOve your for this 🙂 jsut saved me 80 euros :))

  41. Meet Gusai says:

    Why Rock music in the background 🙁

  42. Within 5 years, my fee went up by $26 per month. That's now $76 per month! After 20 years, I've decided to jump ship completely. I have better things to do than scrounge around for potential discounts.

  43. Vinod Goud says:

    Sir please reply me
    What are the laptop requirements to use adobe premier pro and final cut pro
    Please reply Me sir
    It's urgent

  44. Thorri says:

    this video was uploaded one day before my birthday , at the same day as my grandmas birthday , and the day before my grandads birthday soooo yeah

  45. the world is really small. andrew baena is awesome

  46. RedBlueTalk says:

    A word FOR Adobe here. I dont like the subscription licensing either, but this year I had a support ticket, and Adobe stayed on it until it was fixed, and the root problem wasn't even Adobe software. If I can squeeze a couple free months, great, but its part of the cost of biz. If I ever need multiple licenses, then yes, I would look at options.

  47. educational discount is just once, after that the ripoff starts until you grow a brain and quit the addiction.

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