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How to Save Pictures from Adobe Lightroom CC Tutorial

Learn how to quickly export and save pictures from Adobe Lightroom in this quick, straightforward tutorial from Photistoric. More tutorials at

24 thoughts on “How to Save Pictures from Adobe Lightroom CC Tutorial”

  1. l o says:

    6 minutes to wxplain how to save a picture in lightroom, fuck i hate adobe everytime i have to use it. Thats bullshit!! Just put a fucking save options!!!!!!!!

  2. l o says:

    6:00 video just for saving a fucking picture. Fuck i hate lightroom and Adobe in general.

  3. Somehow didn't export what I attempted to export, all followed as you show. It's kinda what I figured out myself, other programs have it same, but usually I have no problems locating the file on the disk at the destination I allocated for it. I'm new to Lr, been using open source alternative (RawTherapee), so sorry if my comment sounds elementary.

  4. Thank you! You speak clearly and slowly so I can understand what you are saying.Too many videos seem like the speaker has to be somewhere else in a hurry and they speak so fast it is hard to keep up.

  5. Pit Bull X says:

    "The file could not be written"
    "some export operation were not perfomed" dafuq?

  6. Thank you, this video is helpful.

  7. Tyrone Berry says:

    Amazing video man thank you very much this was helpful

  8. Yeah your mic sounds like it's 20 feet away.

  9. thx, your vid helped alot

  10. is there a way to save them in LR as png files? or would i hv to just 'photo> edit in ps> then save png from there??

  11. Eva PM says:

    Aahhhh thank you! I'm new to this and it was driving me insane. Wish I knew what all the other stuff means, but this is great for now

  12. Driton G says:

    when I export files, the edit history will not be saved

    so I work on a photo but it can only be saved as before I fucking touched it

    please help!

  13. Rachel Brown says:

    Thank you please do more you are easy to understand thank you so much!

  14. Lenalee11 says:

    awesome tutorial! I just started using lightroom and have found it to be quite a steep learning curve so far!

  15. Thank you for the sharing the knowledge! You made it quick, simple & easy to understand.

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