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In this tutorial, you will learn how to send an Adobe Sketch file from your mobile device straight to Photoshop CC as a layered .psd file on your desktop.

7 thoughts on “How to send an Adobe Sketch File directly to Photoshop CC opened as a .psd file

  1. vaya tutorial mas idiota, como hagopara que se abra en Photoshop???

  2. rsine100 says:

    Photoshop sketch doesn't do much good if you don't have the premium subscription based cc full version to save your work in. I just found this out after I downloaded the app. I wish adobe would stop marketing photoshop sketch as a free app. With adobe, there's always a catch. FU adobe!

  3. rsine100 says:

    So the only way I can share my work online is that I must have the latest subscription based version of photoshop? There's always a catch.

  4. oyasumii says:

    It's still loading and it's been 5 minutes wth

  5. Erwin Monzon says:

    hello Nicole, very clear your video……but, how do i open it in photoshop?, thank you.

  6. How do I send the file via ipad? I need to send it to be futher edited by another party…is this possible?

  7. Do you have to have anything set up between the iPad and the Macbook for it to send it to the correct Macbook?

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