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How To Make A Gradient Effect In Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Tutorial #13 City Map Poster – Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Here is a way of distorting letters with easy using the Envelope Distort tool. It’s not 100% accurate but it can do a lot of nice tricks. 👉Subscribe: ___ Here are some of the top selected logo design courses from the greatest designers out there on Domestica: Sagi Haviv: Logo Design From Concept to Presentation: Contemporary Brand Identity: Using Verbal and Visual Branding:…

7 thoughts on “How to Use Envelope Distort Tool | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

  1. Many Thanks this video is extremely helpful!

  2. this is a good explanation, that's what I was looking for thanks 🙂

  3. coco petals says:

    I would try using “ltd” or another shorter word ? I wonder if that would work ?

  4. AYRA says:

    This is not an After Effects tutorial. Can you do this in AE?

  5. NotRaph_ says:

    what is the font you are using for you name?

  6. SHYAM GANESH says:

    Thanks for the tutorial bro.. I'm searching this for last 1month

  7. SHYAM GANESH says:

    I learnt something new

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