Adobe Tutorials Adobe Dreamweaver How to Use Extract – PSD to Web Design: Dreamweaver | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Use Extract – PSD to Web Design: Dreamweaver | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to get web design info from PSDs using Adobe Creative Cloud Extract.

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12 thoughts on “How to Use Extract – PSD to Web Design: Dreamweaver | Adobe Creative Cloud”

  1. Saladino A says:

    This feature doesnt exist anymore why confuse people?

  2. Pure Adobe bullshit, nobody work like that !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is adobe extract free or I have to subscribe? It will be very helpful if you do a complete tutorial on designing PSD template then convert it to Dreamweaver by using extract.
    thank you.

  4. b zee says:

    Adobe is just a complete mess. Sometimes I wonder if they take their time to think through what they do. The fact that this can't be done inside Photoshop is problematic to start with. You had a fantastic app like Fireworks, you killed it, and released all manner of subpar apps like Reflow, Edge Animate, Muse and now XD, and they still can't integrate a CMS into Dreamweaver. They seem to be experimenting, rather than providing one solid solution to handle all of these. And the most annoying of it all, their apps are freaking heavy.

  5. ggserj says:

    and buy a new mic!

  6. what is missing is that you have to create the layout in HTML 1st before you can style with CSS extracted from the PSD. not very helpful at all. Perhaps showing how you go from the layout to an actual blank HTML would be clearer picture of the usefulness of this flow. As usual Adobe presents an abstract process forgets to show it really works.

  7. Fleeb Flobb says:

    Does anyone know if this functionality was moved somewhere else, or did they just stupidly kill this?

  8. Fleeb Flobb says:

    What the actual fuck? This was the most awesome way to automate the process of getting code from a PSD! What MORON decided to get rid of this? I literally need this for a project RIGHT NOW.

  9. Yeah this is a total joke! Adobe takes away the only program they had to hand over design. Unless getting some third party software, where you have to rename all your layers. Im moving to Sketch now, this is ridiculous

  10. Zohar Telor says:

    I don't get it… you published a blog post that appear in creative cloud saying extract tab will be deactivated on June 28, and two days later you publish a tutorial about it? Bring it back!!!!!!!!

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