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Learn how to use Range Masks in Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw to make Luminosity masks and color range masks. Colin Smith shows you how to make selective adjustments using these automatic masks. This will speed up your photo editing and get better results to make your photos look better. ► THE GEAR I USE: ► THE MUSIC I USE: ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDS:…

20 thoughts on “How to use Luminosity masks (Range Masks) in Lightroom & Camera RAW

  1. Louiskklam says:

    Very Useful. Please post more demo with cross application of selection masks.

  2. Orbitance says:

    Another great tutorial! Thanks Colin.

  3. This is great, you really explained how luminosity masks work in a way I can understand. I like to do a lot of landscapes like the ones you showed and this helps.

  4. another great tutorial Colin! Thank you!

  5. Janusz Navik says:

    a lot. as i say: you learn something new every day 🙂

  6. Steve Brooks says:

    Great video Colin, shame it's a year or two late for me, but I wish it was available when I first started learning about luminosity masks. Can really see how easy and useful you make it for those starting out, thank you.

  7. RGK QTV says:

    thank you for sharing this content, i love all the videos, yes i am new in youtube, that's the one reason why i am always looking for some other youtubers, because i want to get some ideas and i want to learn more about in youtube, and again thank for sharing this video, and I'm here sending my full support to you

  8. ssmold says:

    Great tutorial Colin! Thanks

  9. Incredibly useful technique. Now I have to sit down and use so I don't loose it! Many thanks.

  10. Dieter Boesewinkel
    Learned much new things, thanks

  11. SEAKPhotog says:

    Very useful. Thank you!

  12. Tom says:

    Super helpful.

  13. Joe H says:

    Thank you Colin for this information! I use luminance and color masks in Lightroom and Camera Raw, but, I've never used the brush feature of thee gradient tool before. I've seen the icon there but didn't realize that it could be used in conjunction with the gradient. I use the actual brush tool to mask small areas and it works great too, but I'm excited to try using the brush feature of gradient masks to fine tune them. This will be really helpful and useful!

  14. Bill Flynn says:

    Great video…..what can I say….May The Fourth Be With You……jus sayin…sigh…..

  15. Roger Fisher says:

    An alternative to "show luminance mask" is to hold down the alt/option key when moving the two luminance sliders. That will show the mask as "white reveals and black conceals," which may be more familiar to some people.

  16. Ray Pullen says:

    Wow, Thank you, I do a lot of landscapes and this is awesome for fixing my blown-out skies.

  17. Really good channel 👍

  18. Curt Clement says:

    I’d like to learn more on this in editing images of people.

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