Adobe Tutorials Adobe Illustrator Illustrator Beginner Tutorial: Glitch Effect Tutorial

Illustrator Beginner Tutorial: Glitch Effect Tutorial

Create a glitch text effect with Adobe Illustrator CC.

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27 thoughts on “Illustrator Beginner Tutorial: Glitch Effect Tutorial”


  2. Short, to the point and easy to follow along tutorial. Two thumbs up. Great work.

  3. great tutorial. i have a problem with an O. When i do selections it selects also the hole of the O, how can i solve it?

  4. Emad Shafiq says:

    But when I tried to do this with other words, I faced some problems! Like I tried to do it with the word "HACKED". And when I was doing the shape building thing (Holding Shift+Select & drag on the objects) the spaces in the middle of the letters "A" and "D" were getting filled with pink like the strokes somehow! How to fix this?

  5. M9 MUSIC says:

    Amazing tutorial love from pakistan

  6. Max Campos says:

    Why not just group them instead of making them into a compound path? I'm sure there is a reason but I don't what it is.

  7. Ducky 190 says:

    bro mine does not slit like urs

  8. THANK YOU FOR THE SHORTCUT KEYS. Every other tutorial expects me to know everything lol

  9. Thank u and great turtorial

  10. Fewny says:

    its so simple but it looks so clean. A little redundant for someone who knows what they are doing but obviously this is made for beginners. I bet my 75 year old grandma could do this if she watched this video and she cant use computers very well at all. good video!

  11. one thing you missed some letters O,R,A using swift+drag shape builder tool O in between gap is merged what do now

  12. Tarkan Uzun says:

    My text won't split into individual shapes. How do I do this?

  13. Amazing!! Thank you so much

  14. Great tutorial, but it's missing one thing, before using "shape builder", select all and go to object, click expand, then do the shape builder thing.

  15. Amina Harik says:

    Genious 👏 thank you

  16. Drew Wilken says:

    great explanation, finally! keep it up

  17. ッΛCE says:

    the end result messes my eye up lol good work

  18. Fatima Tariq says:

    Great video👏🏻, but I’m facing a problem in the shape builder tool it’s merging all the triangles, how can I fix this problem?

  19. Deb says:

    Thank you for that tutorial ! Wondering what the compound path are for… ? Doesn't it work the same without them ?

  20. Jacob Davies says:

    Great video. Easy to follow. Thanks

  21. Kyle Palmer says:

    I'm having trouble.. I'm using a different word for mine and it has a capital D in it so when I shift select to go through the selection it merges the negative space from the D too. how do I fix this?

  22. Great!!!! Please other videos

  23. Finally a video here!
    Keep up the great work.

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