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Importing Your Photos Into Lightroom

The #1 Mistake New Users Make in Adobe Lightroom CC – (Importing Your Photos)

We can almost guarantee that the number one problem new Lightroom users make when importing there photos is in today’s video. If you have ever imported your photos and then wondered where they went or where they were imported too and why, this video is a must watch video.

Most New Adobe Lightroom users go to the Library Module, Click the Import Button, Select there Memory Card, Camera or External Hard Drive and…

28 thoughts on “Importing Your Photos Into Lightroom”

  1. Great video simple and too the point. Thanks

  2. thank you for the video. I'm having trouble adding photos to my lightroom. it wont let me even create an album

  3. Hello ! I'm a beginner in Lightroom Classic, and I've just downloaded this LR Classic only last friday… and after viewing your short post on YouTube,

    but, I don't see my picture's file anywhere when Importing them from the Library onto the Develop side, although I selected a destination location & pressed Copy !!

    and nothing appears on the Develop side… what did I do wrong ? I would appreciate your answer for what must I do !!

  4. Hi. Im having a problem with my LR and can't find anyway of fixing it. Could you perhaps help me.? I can import the pic and everything until i go to develop, then my main screen just shows lines and some blur effect. I can't see the image at all to edit it.! The image in the top left of the program show clear, but the middle main image is shit. Do you perhaps know what could be wrong.? I took a screenshot, but seems to me i can't add it.

  5. Is there any way to just keep the files on the hard drive that they are on? I don’t want to fill my laptop with duplicates and adobe camera raw just opens and lets you start editing the file with no import

  6. gugui mke says:

    Thanks for this video! Simple, concise, to the point and short. Just have a question though. What if you are working from an SD card and just want to keep the original raw files & XMP's there. No copy, no nothing. These are just some photos someone gave me and I am going to edit and give them the SD card back. Do I just pick the SD card as the destination? I did that and it took a long time to load, seemed weird. Thank you!

  7. Adiba O. says:

    I can't believe I haven't been doing this! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Chuck says:

    Very valuable information.

  9. Import stopped,low storage device

    How to solve this? help me

  10. Hi . When I’m importing photos I can’t get Destination to display, don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It just does not show up on screen. Can you help. Thanks

  11. Ryan Kroll says:

    Bro, thank you ….. this process has made me want to NEVER EVER own a MAC ever again… Christ almighty….

  12. Thanks for a great video, I wish I knew this years ago when I first started using LR! Looks like I’m going to be busy moving all my photos to where I really want them.

  13. Not showing edit preview

  14. Gabby M says:

    For anyone that can't find the destination panel in the import area: right-click on the other panels and you will see a list of hidden panels. I hope that made sense! It took me a while to figure it out!

  15. but then I have a copy pn the external hard drive (original) and another somewhere else thus taking 2x amount of space…..

  16. Mike ONeill says:

    great video…calm…precise and easy. I always just click.import but not now! I've reinstalled LR6 on a new pc so I can start fresh and plonk em where I want!

  17. You haven't shown what to do with all the other settings at the top so your title doesn't really fit to be honest..

  18. upcloseimage says:

    I am a newbie to LR – this helps tremendously and I have now found a bunch of hidden photos in other folders I would have never found if it weren't for this video! Now I can start off doing things right – one step at a time. I will be checking out your other videos! Great video! Thank you!!

  19. Shivakumar says:

    hi 👋 sir . this is shiva I found a problem in my Mac during import .it says that ""the files couldn't copy the files to the destination folder because it is not rewritable"" .and I am not able to open the photos in Lightroom .pls find a solution and reply me pls

  20. You got tattoo removal started? looks like the process started. Unless they are just older tatts.

  21. Very very helpful thank you !

  22. El Gonzales says:

    Did you ever make a video of what to do if you imported pictures with the wrong destination? I’m not very computer savvy ☹️ so trying to learn 😊

  23. Shana says:

    Great video! However, on my mac it automatically goes to my photo gallery. I'm still struggling with this.


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