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Inkscape Free Vector Graphics Package

A guide to the Inkscape vector graphics package, which is a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Includes an explanation of pixel versus vector graphics, software installation, working with paths, nodes and text, and file formats. You can download Inkscape for free from:

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43 thoughts on “Inkscape Free Vector Graphics Package”

  1. Gheorghe R says:

    Thanks a lot for tutorial i find hear a lot of triks.

  2. Hossein Es says:

    Who else Wants to Own Nice Graphics to Attract More Customers.

    This is an incredible offer for those who wants to get a brand new instant graphics.

    So download for free and enjoy……..

  3. an1rb says:

    Has anyone tried replacing MS Visio with Inkscape? I have tried Libre/OpenOffice Draw, but found it too 'clunky' to use. My main application is technical documentation.

  4. ScythM says:

    Yep, exactly what I need… if only a bit too bright. It badly needs a dark theme.

  5. Is this possible to save files in another format such as .CRD and .PSD

  6. Keko Rules says:

    999th like


    Thank you for the video sire

  7. Smitha S says:

    nicely explained.
    thank you so much

  8. Scadster says:

    I'm glad you've explained this stuff. I was trying to use the site but wasn't sure about what I needed to do or howto use site correctly. Here's what I had a big problem with: I was crating some freehand designs on Inkscape and every time I uploaded to SPREADSHIRT , I got an error message saying that my image didn't have enough resolution in it to work as a T-shirt design on the site. I called SPREDSHIRT and the lady on phone said to make sure my design had at least 300 dpsi and I tried but kept getting the same error message saying that my design didn't have enough resolution for the site for selling on T-shirts, etc. What am I misunderstanding here?

  9. Larry says:

    Try erasing in Inkscape as in illustrator or Autodesk. You'll go daffy trying to erase a part of a line.

  10. Chu Chan says:

    Is it easier to use Inkscape with a mouse or a graphics tablet?

  11. …. BRAVO !!!! Complimenti !!!! Molto semplice !!

  12. Pixel good for drawing many brushes etc vector only for logos or somethign like this no brushes

  13. Mr Peco says:

    800th like!
    great vid! tk!

  14. prabu says:

    Hi sir thank you for the beautiful Presentation,I was very easy to follow,However i am in a process of making a LED Sign Board Project Like "open/Close",I have got all the tools to do it,however i need a vector drawing program to drill my letters or cut in a laser machine,I just post a link with the project

  15. If I have training with Illustrator from my graphic class would that knowledge transfer over well with this program

  16. Aaron Wise says:

    I am impressed might consider using this but you never know

  17. Tr.David says:

    Great tutorial! Informative and funny at the same time. Cracked me up a few times. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

  18. Larry says:

    All this wonderful information and all I want is 'How to Erase a LINE or, a PORTION of a line. Inkscape, after all these years can't tell us how to ERASE a section of line and yet it's soo simple in Illustrator! Inkscapes tells us to draw a shape OVER your mistake with no stroke and fill with white! ERASE it for gods sake! Can it be that difficult? I'd do it myself but I don't have enough time left in this world! I'm seventy-six years old and this is about my only reason to get up in the morning!

  19. ty! been wondering where to get a free program to create a vector based image! and lo and behold i finally find it when i wasn't looking 😀 Awsome! ty man! iwhat an immediate reward for subscribing xD

  20. great style 😉 – and information of course… nice one! very helpful

  21. Absolutely useful! Thank you. I am a beginner at Inkscape, could you say me if is it possible open pdf and editing as vector in Inkscape?

  22. Tomasz Lukuc says:

    Great Job! don't stop, this tutorial, though introductory, is excellent. Not only for content, but also for sound quality, planned steps, all the way through, ending with absolute professional production.!!! 5 stars!. Wished the other tutorial makers followed you. Thanks!

  23. Amazing Soft n very nice Explaining about it,

  24. Thank you, Christopher, for another inspiring video tutorial. I finally got my Raspberry Pi 3 back up and running. I erred when I downloaded xbmc which overwrote my Raspberry operating system. I had to re-install NOOBS to recover my OS, I see now that you must install OBMC to a separate micro SD card to boot into that OS. I´m learning ¨on the fly¨ so to speak. After watching this video I think I shall install inkscape, as I really like the vector based graphics. Thanks again.

  25. S30V says:

    Quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite like that.

  26. Ed Tix says:

    I know this isn't thanksgiving day but I must say it… This chanel is sophisticated. I come from Poland so I'm definitely not an language expert but your English is perfect. Isn't it? Ok I stop spamming and grab skills!

  27. Vikas V says:

    Excellent video. Been using Inkscape since 8 years. It has improved a lot over the years

  28. King Zhanos says:

    Does Inkscape work well with Photoshop?

  29. Finally a tutorial even I can understand and actually enjoy! 🙂 Thanks so much! :))

  30. Nafeeur says:

    Can you edit picture with it?

  31. Edgar Ortiz says:

    just love watching your videos! I REALLY LEARN A LOT!

  32. TheGag2000 says:

    how about you do an inkscape vs GIMP video

  33. Nice video, earned a sub 🙂

  34. Great vid, hope to be using it soon!

  35. pranking123 says:

    hi can I ask what your recorder on your pc pls tell me

  36. Tangobaldy says:

    can you make more instructional videos. this software is awesome but I can't make it do much

  37. RimWulf says:

    6:35 he for me cracking up.

  38. ptonpc says:

    Definitely going to try this

  39. dear sir please explain how to read whatsapp database crypt 12 file in readable form

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