Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Installing Presets in Lightroom Classic CC 2019 2020 [ How To Tutorial for XMP & LR Template Files ]

Installing Presets in Lightroom Classic CC 2019 2020 [ How To Tutorial for XMP & LR Template Files ]

The Hyphenate does a step by step tutorial on how to install presets into Adobe Lightroom Classic 2019. This tutorial shows installing both XMP and LR Template files.

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30 thoughts on “Installing Presets in Lightroom Classic CC 2019 2020 [ How To Tutorial for XMP & LR Template Files ]”

  1. You saved my life dude!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  2. Syahir Aziz says:

    Hey, i have xmp preset but i have only the old version of the lightroom, so how convert the file into lrtemplate?

  3. Tonywization says:

    Excellent at last a tutorial that's well explained and actually works thank you.

  4. A.M PAPOY says:

    Thanks finally i find the right one🤩

  5. Wayleebird says:

    Shermazing, left a like for you bro

  6. Moinak Paul says:

    a very very very very useful and sober video. i appreciate your efforts brother

  7. Tisha Reed says:

    I got them copied and pasted. Then I could not get to the button at the bottom of the Lightroom settings page where we loaded into. So I pushed ctrl alt enter. Then I restarted the Lightroom and it says installed successfully. Now I don’t know where to find them. I can go back thru the things we did in this video and they are still pasted but can’t find them in Lightroom. I do not have a presets folder like in the video. And I do have a button that says presets under collections but it shows only 1. And the arrow beside it to the left is made of dots. Not solid like others are

  8. Thanks for the video. Your method works fine for normal develop presets, but I've got some Platte local adjustment presets, which I've put into the local adjustment presets folder in lightroom, and I'm having a problem with them. Namely, after I reopen LR classic, I don't get the conversion to xmp box, and when I open the brush tool, for example, I can't find the presets anywhere in that area. Nor under user presets on the left. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  9. gw formal says:

    Thumb up for help me out

  10. SaMer DiAb says:

    Do you know such web i can free dowload presets ?

  11. Robert Udave says:

    Thank you soooo much .

  12. I'm struggling on how to put the presets I saved in my dropbox to lightroom pc. Everything is not working. It's still in dng file.

  13. I did everything step by step but on my Lightroom it doesn’t even have the “Presets” folder that will drop down on the left side like yours.
    All that is on the left side menu is

    Publish services

  14. Alan Mason says:

    I have followed your tutorial to the 'T' but am still unable to see 'my downloaded' presets in LR.
    I had a whole lot of presets (.xmp) on my Mac which I copied to a USB drive and then into Camera Raw > Settings on my PC (Windows 10)
    I am only able to see system presets, but nothing else!
    Thank you.

  15. St0neC0ld says:

    Thanks for the video. Saves me lots of searching on how to realize it :p

  16. Millie Baker says:

    I’m having trouble finding my presets once on the app! I’ve downloaded it all, it’s just not showing up with “presets” under my “navigator” tab! not sure what to do from here! can you help please?

  17. Alan Roberts says:

    Thank you, very helpful and exactly what I was looking for.

  18. it works well , thank you 😃

  19. Mark says:

    Very helpful and straight to the point! I'll buy you a beer!

  20. Its not working…can you please help

  21. works perfectly ! i saw a few videos and this video is the real answer to convert .itemplate to XMP in Lightroom Classic 2019. Thank u very much !

  22. Kaitlyn Rose says:

    I created my presets in LR CC (.XMP) and im trying to move them over to lightroom classic and i cant find them anywhere even after doing this 🙁

  23. Charles Runk says:

    You definitely help me a lot by figuring out what I was doing wrong. Thanks

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