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iPad Pro 2018 Editing in Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Being able to smoothly edit 4k Footage on a tablet…we really have hit the future. Here’s a quick look at Adobe Premiere Rush and how you’re able to edit 4k footage with it on the new iPad Pro 11″. Other than the pricing plan I really enjoy how this program works and think it’s nearly a must buy for anyone looking to edit quickly on the go. Make sure to check it out!

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32 thoughts on “iPad Pro 2018 Editing in Adobe Premiere Rush CC”

  1. Nathan says:

    How do you edit what the title says

  2. What makes this different from iMovie?

  3. 4HELL says:

    Hello, its posible draw frame by frame un this App??

  4. Just wanted to tell you that Jesus Christ loves you so very very much even if you don’t believe it. And have a good day <3

  5. Dear fiona, says:

    Your video quality is 💯💯💯

  6. says:

    Thanks for the video! How do you export to FCP X ?

  7. WalkE says:

    It's so weird cause u can literally just screen record then crop it and you never have to export after you finished editing

  8. When i try and export to YouTube it says it’s not licensed to?? How do i save to camera roll

  9. gusffa says:

    Don’t export just SCREEN RECORD

  10. can you transfer the the app project file to the priemerr pro in desktop windows?

  11. Nadya Sazhra says:

    Can we use preset lightroom to Adobe premier rush to color grade?

  12. Hi , can you use premier pro on an iPad pro with ease or would it lag or not work ?

  13. Luke Walters says:

    Hi does your iPad Pro lag using adobe rush after adding some edits?

  14. Adope rush is available for free on Apple store?
    Or does it cost?
    Please help

  15. Art Cream says:

    Love the color grading of this entire video!

  16. ItsSam says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but my iPad just isn’t handing playback well in rush at all. Like my old laptop could compare to it. Anyone got any advice?

  17. M S says:

    Do you know how to leave a gap between videos? Because I've been trying and I don't seem to find the way.

  18. ????? What are your xt2 settings,,, every time I bring xt3 videos into my iPad Pro rush crashes….all my phone videos work

  19. Alucard says:

    Background music,
    Isberg – Vaxla

  20. ELLIOT STERN says:

    How did you import the music

  21. Thanks for this, it helped me decide to grab one. Great job of going into the details.

  22. Too bad rush doesn’t have full screen mode…

  23. Just screen record your project and don’t expect it

  24. 84n70 says:

    What about display color calibration on tablet? Can u print without worry?

  25. Hey John! How’s it going? I’ve noticed in the video that you are using a screen protector? Is that PaperLike? I make my living through photography as well and on the go editing was the main reason behind my purchase of ipad… however I am a little bit of reluctant about purchasing the screen protector as I am worried it will ruin the picture quality? Is that the case? Do you lose any sharpeners? And if you do and you don’t mind what about when you are showing it to the client? You surely want the best possible representation there…

    I would be super grateful for your experience and thoughts on this topic!

    All the best from Prague!

    Thank you!


  26. Rush is a joke..$9.99 for 20% of premier? Hells no. Pay $20 one time for LumaFusion which is a good 85% fcpx. ..I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple buys them out and name slaps it ..fcp go… sometime soon. I can run my 60k sub channel on LumaFusion if need be. It takes luts, colorgrades, accepts transition plug ins..only glaring feature that’s missing is something akin to warp stabilizer. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they include it in an update some time. Now if you need various camera angles or ability to edit in teams ok, LumaFusion isn’t it. But for most things it’s way more than enough. Oh and it exports a 4k file faster than my 2016 MacBook Pro.

  27. Anyone who still remember he has a Apple Pencil giveaway event?

  28. idk if you've heard of it but i would say try out lumafusion. its a little more advanced but i think for $20 one time i think its a no brainer. it runs perfectly smooth. the only thing you don't get is that syncing feature you mentioned

  29. Awesome!! I’m thinking about getting one but I really need to upgrade my old iMac to a newer desktop first. What system are you using? Also, have you tried capture one or do you edit mainly in Lightroom/Photoshop? I just keep hearing how Lightroom isn’t the best for Fuji raw. Thanks!!

  30. Jer Harman says:

    Got an iPad Pro 11 two weeks ago after seeing your workflow with it. Absolutely love it so far, going to try out Rush soon for some basic edits. You're killing it with the content lately!

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