Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Is This Software, An Adobe Lightroom And Photoshop Killer?

Is This Software, An Adobe Lightroom And Photoshop Killer?

Could Luminar 4 be a solid replacement for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Luminar 4 is a one time purchase with no subscriptions to worry about.


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11 thoughts on “Is This Software, An Adobe Lightroom And Photoshop Killer?”

  1. EOS-R Dave says:

    I use Iridient Developer on macOS or Photoshop Camera Raw (which Lightroom is a Knock off of), I think most other editors are garbage for the most part. I’ve been editing since Photoshop came to Windows OS.

  2. It looks like adobe 🤔

  3. Libor K says:

    Ohhh, great. I was wondering if I can make my own library of sky and backgrounds and use that instead the supplied, with the software ???

  4. Does this program recognize the cr3 files from the canon eosR? Photoscape has done okay for me now. But looking for something a bit better.

  5. Beakerzor says:

    nice software! should I worry about my job? lol

  6. Love this software for sure i also been using ON1 Photo raw really fell in love with that softwre made me change my mind about lightroom since i was barely using photoshop. Very cheap to buy and you get an amazing quality program.

  7. 808Flyer says:

    Thanks Pablo. This looks like a cool and easy program for adjusting exposures in specific areas of your pic. I’m not for adding a bunch of fake reality to my pics, but we all know as soon as we touch the contrast and saturation, we’ve already stepped over that edge. I’ll definitely check this program out. Mahalo and Aloha. Stay safe and healthy.

  8. The rays tool is killer too!

  9. The sky enhancer alone makes it worth it!

  10. Joseph K. says:

    Really awesome tutorial edit bro

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