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This video reference guide consist of a series of 15 short videos that will take you through several Adobe Lightroom basic keyboard shortcuts, as well as my approach and technique used throughout the Develop module. These represent my most commonly used techniques and can be used as a reference tool as you work through your own BW processing or work through and view many of my Lightroom BW landscape conversion videos. Checkout My Video Tutorials: • Mastery of Light Volume 1:…

3 thoughts on “Jack Curran's Adobe Lightroom Tools & Technique Reference

  1. Jack's death was a shock. I had just discovered him and his amazing way of working in black and white just in Lightroom. I have his video courses and they are so inspiring. Great loss to us all when he passed.

  2. Qu14torze says:

    I'm considering purchasing your "Master of light bundle" but I'm still hesitating. Your youtube videos are so good I'm wondering what more I can learn from your paid tutorials.

  3. jorge moro says:

    I’ve learned so much from your videos! Heck just the one from Vik I was able to work on my Vik images i had ignored for 7 months.

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