Adobe Tutorials Adobe Lightroom Learn Lightroom in 10 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial

Learn Lightroom in 10 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial

Learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom and how to use the most common tools and functions to edit photos! This is not your typical tutorial, this is a rapid-fire showing you everything you need to know in under 10 minutes.

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8 thoughts on “Learn Lightroom in 10 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial”

  1. Potato Head says:

    It helped a lot thanks. photoshop in5 min part 2?

  2. Pratyush says:

    Till 2022 this video will touch 5 million views

  3. Ross says:

    Looking forward to seeing more videos!!! I really think that you deserve more views! Why don’t you use smzeus!!? You should use it to promote your videos.

  4. ssvmsxl says:

    It's nice to see you alive, your last video i saw was in late 2016 xD Still you're inspiring though.

  5. Veen Music says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial man! Great tutorial for someone trying to get into photo editing. Btw I’m someone 😭

  6. N1M3US says:

    hey can you plz make another photoshop tutorial

  7. Now you have my interest

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