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Life After Adobe Alternatives That May Help You Cut The Cord

This is the first edition of the brand new playlist so many of you have asked for: Life After Adobe: Cutting The Adobe Cord. Today we focus on Platform and Price …

27 thoughts on “Life After Adobe Alternatives That May Help You Cut The Cord”

  1. JCristina says:

    This is the first edition of the brand new playlist so many of you have asked for: Life After Adobe: Cutting The Adobe Cord.

    Today we focus on Platform and Price of the many Adobe Alternatives commonly used to replace Adobe CC software, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, Audition and more.

    Include any programs I missed and vote which Adobe alternatives you would like to hear more about.

    Add your thoughts to the mix and as always if you enjoy the video please give it a BIG THUMBS UP, SUBSCRIBE and click the NOTIFICATION BUTTON!

    A current list with pricing and platform can be found here:

  2. Brian says:

    Pro Tip; just go to the Internet Archives and technet sites to download old versions. I have a life time adobe buy using the same version for the last 10+ years because fk them There's nothing in the newer versions that warrant updating.

  3. Couple months ago I cancelled damn Adobe Subscription. Was day past and they said no cancellation for 30 more days, so paid extra month. Adobe OUT OF MY LIFE! After reviewing your reviews, went with Affinity Photo/Publisher Trials. Wacom Companion v1 PC tabet died. Running old PC. Thousands of photos to process, and two books to publish. Thank you for your video.

  4. Aeladya says:

    This explains why the software the school gave me told me it expired when I installed it on a new PC. It was a non-subscription version of CC 2015.

  5. I prefer to own Capture One, Affinity Photo, Luminar and Affinity Publisher.

  6. dstmars1 says:

    Check out these alternatives as well from Affinity

    Affinity Designer replaces PS and AI
    Affinity Publisher replaces InDesign

  7. Mecha-Art says:

    Just switched to Affinity photo, got several brushes from photoshop and other variants… Best 50 bucks Ive spent.

  8. Ash Gamer says:

    There is no free alternative to after effects
    Can you tell me a free Software which is
    – Layer based
    – Have many Effects
    – Have Puppet pin tool
    Any ?
    I don't want blender or nuke these are node based !

  9. eric murray says:

    For Audio Tools – you completely missed Reaper. If you can put in Cubase and Pro Tools, then Reaper is worth being on this list.

  10. I would add Clip Studio Paint to the list as an Adobe Photoshop alternative. Even though it's mostly for illustration and 2D animation. Also it's a one time purchase.

  11. cgchaser says:

    You've touched on some very valid and powerful points here. I myself have no alternative but to cut the Adobe cloud cord for the following reasons.

    1) Doubling my subscription costs and no longer supporting my high end graphics card
    2) Exporting converted RAW timelapse photos results in a bug in Premier Pro to where the timelapses are not rendered smoothly when increasing the video duration. Attempting a workaround via Photoshop does not solve this due to a default 5 second duration limit that is both user unfriendly and I cannot figure out or get support on something that should be an easy fix.

    I also do 360 timelapse and VR videos and I still dont know how I will survive without my Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier Pro and After Effects workflow combo. Sadly I have no choice I'm sure the withdrawl symptoms are going to be very painful for me without alternative programs in place for my workflow needs 🙁

  12. MMO Archives says:

    you know, i really don't get the beef against adobe, they're the best software to get

  13. Nice thankyou for this information really usefull, here in mexico all i know was corel draw or freehand in the olddays as alternative Illustrator programs, good to know there is a lot of Free software for creatives

  14. Another possibility is buying a couple of plugins (CameraXXL, ElementsXXL, LayersXXL, MetaRaw etc.) for Photoshop Elements (version 15 and up) from, this installs ACR in elements, makes Photoshop Elements about 90% of the full Photoshop. MetaRaw has a setting for Fuji x-trans files. The full pakage runs to $100. I'm quite impressed.

  15. LMMS is also REALLY GOOD, Windows, Mac, Linux and it's absolutely FREE.

  16. Michi L. says:

    Adobe After Effects alternatives:
    Apple Motion/ Mac 299$
    Fusion/ Windows, Mac, Linux 299$
    Filmora/ Windows, Mac 59.99$
    Blender/ Windows, Mac, Linux FREE

  17. Jesse says:

    Wondershare Filmora is a great alternative to Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements. My wife really likes using it.

  18. Jesse says:

    Another great Illustrator replacement is Gravit Designer.

  19. Ph M says:

    DaVinci Resolve is also a great alternative for audition actually.

  20. Norm Kitten says:

    How about an InDesign replacement?

  21. W. D. Smith says:

    Check out www. clipstudio. net /en Clip Studio Paint. A LOT of people doing graphic novels and comics, especially some people who work for Marvel, use the full version of this program.

  22. W. D. Smith says:

    I already have one Affinity program. Think I bought Affinity Pubisher. Getting ready to get the basic version of Clip Studio Paint which is $49.99. Then I'll try to get the other Affinity programs. Design and Photo.

  23. MMO Archives says:

    honestly, i never liked premiere or after effects, it's so dated compared to sony vegas pro or resolve 16, it's only until adobe 2019 that it's back to being usable to me, when 4k first came out adobe was barely able to do 1080p

  24. MD H. says:

    My honest fears are DaVinci Resolve being purchased by another company or Black Magic starts charging subscriptions like Adobe

  25. I m a freelancer designer , and my suit of a programs is : Gimp for photo edditing , Krita for painting , darktable for collor correction ,inkscape for vectors , olive + shotcut for video editting , synfig for 2d animation and blender for 3d animattion , when I need I use scribus for editorial text . with this all programs you can work witth 0 price , I use linux mint as my OS

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